ACC00715 Professional auditing SCU

ACC00715 Professional Auditing - assessment 2 Assessment task 2 (25%) In this folder are links to the relevant discussion forum and instructions about what you will need to do: (a) Identifying financial reporting disclosures relevant to auditing for an entity of your choice – 10% Due: anytime up until noon Monday, 4 December (2017) NOTE: this task will form the basis for the Part (b) requirements of this Task (see below). (b) Making an assessment of the overall inherent risk level for your chose..Readmore

BUMGT 6927 Creativity & Innovation

Assignment 1 Federation University Australia Assignment 1– Lecturer’sHints and Tips What follows is an overview of Assignment One with comments on how you might approach it.  The primary purpose of this assignment is for you to get an overall understanding of the breadth of the topic, AND for you to..Readmore

Application of Epidemiological Methods

Assignment 2 - Research study proposal In this assignment you will describe the application of epidemiological methods in either a clinical or policy setting. You will prepare a study proposal in stages and submit work throughout the semester for feedback. For this assignment you will design a study..Readmore

Ethical Dilemma

Criterion                                                                                   Total Points Possible 20                           Points Earned/ Points Possible 10 ·       Search minimum of 8 scholarly nursing journals or national newspaper for peer review articles or scholarly nursing..Readmore

Mass Media Communications

Assignment 2: Essay  The module requires you to write an essay of 3000 words, which will count as 60% of the final module mark.  Read your chosen question carefully – make sure that you understand it - and then be sure to address it directly and critically in your answer, making use of relevant read..Readmore

Cloud Computing Assessment

Question 1 As an initial migration plan to cloud, Webb’s stores have decided to move their MS SQL Server 2012 R2 database to an IaaS instance in the cloud. Now, a few of the initial key decisions to be taken before strategizing the move is mentioned below for reference:- Public vs. Private cloud – D..Readmore

HI6007 Business Research Report Proposal: Initial Research Proposal

HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HI6007 Assessment One Friday week 07 Business Research Report Proposal: Initial Research Proposal Due Friday Week 07 Online and Hard Copy on Level 6 with Safe Assign Percentage (less than 30%) 1000-1500 words worth 20% The initial research proposal will c..Readmore

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