Hi5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

HOLMES INSTITUTE FACULTY OF HIGHER EDUCATION HI5019 STRATEGIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE TRIMESTER 1 / 2016 Individual Assignment: Due Friday Week 6 1000 words and extra for diagrams: WORTH 20% Integration of E-commerce and ERP Systems with other ICT (information and communication technologies) to create value for customers and shareholders. Assignment Details Indicate a company from..Readmore

Review of e-Learning materials

Choose two out of below 3 1. (8:47) 2. (8:22) 3. (2:25) For your Assignment 1 (Individual) Review of e-Learning materials Word limit: 1,000 words (±10%) Marks: 20 Du..Readmore

Marketing and sustainability

Individual Assignment: The assignment counts for 50% of the class mark Final Submission Date: TBC October 2016 at 12 noon Instructions: Part 1 Coursework: Literature Review Based upon a focused research question derived by yourself undertake a literature review on: Marketing and sustainability. Your..Readmore

Managing Organisational Design and Change (BHO0202)

Managing Organisational Design and Change (BHO0202) Individual Assessment Portfolio: 60% of Module Assessment Questions answered: (Strikethrough questions not answered i.e. 8) Section 1 Exploring Organisations 1 2 3 Section 2 External Analysis 4 5 Section 3 Internal Analysis 6 7 8 9 10 Section 4 Exp..Readmore

HI6006 Competitive strategy

Group Assignment Requirements Assessment Criteria Group Report Suggested report word limit: 2000 words (±10%) Component Weighting: 20% Due Date: 5pm Friday Week 11     Submission format: Soft copy of a Word.docx to be uploaded on Blackboard through 'Assignments and due dates' menu http://c..Readmore

MAA716 Financial Accounting

T3 2017 Internal Assessment – Individual Assignment 2 (100 marks - 20%) This assignment is a comprehensive question on consolidation accounting which aims to help you to understand better this topic that is critical for the final assessment – the examination. The materials that are relevant to this..Readmore

Applied Marketing Solutions – Case study portfolio

Assessment 1: Case study portfolio (60%) Overview The new millennium has ushered in a wave of synthetic, caffeinated high-energy drinks targeted at the youth market. Over the past 10 years, the consumption of caffeinated beverages intended to “energise” has increased significantly. Energy drinks wer..Readmore

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