Money back guarantee

Even if you are not satisfied with the quality of the work done by any time, then do not consider that you have not made a suitable investment. Improving the work is our belief. All kinds of refunds would be decided by the department of quality assurance by reviewing certain criteria before finalizing the money back guarantee to the clients.

You are always allowed in claiming the refund, but the following are the criteria which have to be reviewed carefully before claiming for money back. Our policy includes:

  1. You may ask for a 100% refund in cases where in:

The payments made for the particular order will be refunded back if the order is not yet released to the writer and it will be 100 percent refundable to your account if you wish to cancel the order.

The always does its best in assigning the work to the most appropriate writer for working on your paper, however, on rare occasions if the particular writer is not found then we would contact you to initiate the refund of the complete amount.

The written content is checked through many plagiarism checks before releasing the assignment to the client. Even after that if you believe that it has got the plagiarism, then we will refund back the money but before that, we would revise the work of clearing out the plagiarism content.

If the given deadline for the work is not met or is exceeding then the client is eligible for a total refund. However, if the deadline is extended because of any modifications in the work from the customer then it won’t be refunded.

  1. A 50% refund is made if:

In the case of no availability of writer then the refund policy of 50 percent comes into the picture for which the client is eligible.

  1. A 20% refund is made if:

If we are not able to complete your assignment within the mentioned deadline, then 20 percent refund of your payment can be done by giving us some more time to finish off with your assignment as compensation.

The most important point to note is that we will not guarantee in terms of grades, but if you are assessed poorly, and then we would definitely help you in your future orders.