Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

It is recommended for everyone to ensure that you have gone through the following points of Privacy Policy. These rules as given below explain the prime principles as per which personal information of the clients is processed.

  1. Details Collected While Placing the Orders

The following set of information is essential to be provided by the client.

  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • E-Mail
  • Present Phone Number
  • Paper document of the order that has been placed by you at our website and all other information vital for completing the order.
  • Record of phone conversation or chats
  1. Details Provided While Filling the Application Form

Someone who puts an order over our site has to submit complete detail over the order form that appears. It includes details of accessing time, the device type, and destination.

The purpose of collecting such information is primarily to bring improvements in service that can make things easier at the user-end. We assure that the information thus collected will never be used for commercial purpose, shared or traded with the third parties.

  1. How the information collected is used?

The company never uses client details for selling or something like that. However, these are used in following ways for a better experience of end-user.

  • To match up to the expectation of the client
  • Regarding official record maintenance, final billing, accounting, and market research.
  • To answer the queries, service related complaints, etc.
  • To enhance the service qualitatively
  • To notify the customers regarding the changes or modifications in the service.

If you have placed an order that is processing state, our customer support team will definitely connect with you through email or via phone to ensure timely finishing the job and about qualitative aspects. We may also connect you through special messaging app.

Except the above purposes, your information is not going to be in any other way, except the rare legal requirements.

  1. Full Control Offered to the User for its Account

Anyone who wants to change or update his/her personal detail can do so anytime. In fact, one can delete the profile or deactivate the account any time he/she wishes by connecting with our customer support team through telephonic ways or via email. This information will be kept with us as long as the profile is active or as long as you are enjoying our service. All such information is kept basically to meet the legal formalities for agreements.

6/ Plagiarism:

It is here to mention that the company will never be responsible for details available openly to our freelancers. Cheap Assignment doesn’t control this; neither gives any guarantee regarding its future distribution.

7/ Technical Issues:

We are not going to be responsible for any kind of delay in any final submission caused by any kind of technical fault, or something associated with the web. Information of the clients is kept in a secured fashion with us in our servers. We let our clients access their own account by setting their password and keeping it secret. However, it is the sole duty of the client to keep the password secret. Hence, it is advised not to disclose it with anyone else. We maintain best security standard for our customers to keep their details safe.


  1. Updates of the Privacy Policy

It is here to mention that the points included in our Privacy Policy can be changed in accordance with the improvements we plan to apply. Therefore, it is advised for the visitors to consistently be in touch with each page of us to stay updated about the probable changes.