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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Network on Business

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Introduction: With the rapid globalization of intranet technology in the 21st century, the social media network has been introduced as an important potent tool for increasing interaction among the people. The business organizations use social media network as marketing tools for promoting their new products and services. Now the social networking channels have become an […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

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POSTGRADUATE SKILLS – INDIVIDUAL RESEARCHED ESSAY Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Essay title Explain the main differences between quantitative and qualitative methods. What are some of the most commonly used qualitative research methods? Choose two different methodologies and compare their uses and limitations. Write 1500 words (+/- 10%). Sources You will need to provide relevant examples […]

BHO0171 E-Commerce

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BHO0171 E-Commerce University of Huddersfield Business School e-commerce Assignment 1 Individual Module:                                           E-Commerce (BHO0171) Assignment Title:                         e-commerce business models Assignment weighting:              30% of overall grade Submission method:                   TurnitinUK Assignment Task This assignment is a 2500-word essay. Your essay should meet the requirements of the following question: E-strategic management “Critically analyse and discuss […]

HI3042 Taxation Law

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HI3042 Taxation Law T2 2017 Individual Assignment Due date: Week 10 Maximum marks: 20 (20%)   Instructions:  This assignment is to be submitted by the due date in soft-copy only (Safe assign – Blackboard). The assignment is to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Subject Outline and Student Handbook. It is […]

COIT 20252 Business Process Management

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COIT 20252 Business Process Management COIT 20252 BPM Case Study Report Assessment Details Term 1, 2017 Due date: 1:00 pm  AEST, Wednesday, Week 12 ASSESSMENT Weighting: 55% 3 Length: 5000 words ± 10% (excluding title page, table of contents and reference list)   You are required (as a group with two to four members) to […]