15 Tips For Getting Good Grades In Your College

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Grades and College are so very connected that we attribute that to success. As a student, you can be very good at a lot of things, but at your College / University, it is the grades that matter a lot. The extracurricular activities are indeed necessary but grades at University mark the foundation of your career. The education system is tuned in such a way that a student’s performance is gauged using the marks first. The other activities that you do shall give you the limelight, but gets subdued if your grades are low. With a constantly evolving technological world, it is better to have balanced Study life, if not great. There are many ways to score good grades in your University or College. But we must understand how grades shall help your career.

Strikes as the Best Student: Grades are the ones that shall determine your status in your college/University. There may be many things that the College may offer you to learn, but your scores in your exams play a pivotal role in your success. A student with a balanced performance both in academics as well as sports or other activities is considered to be the best than a student being best in sports.

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Good Career Opportunities: This is so crucial that you understand it right from your school days as there is no other option. You must need an above-average or even more than that to join a reputable university for your higher studies. The scores that you get in school can help you go abroad for higher studies without any trouble. Nowadays, employers are hiring candidates who have a consistent performance right from school days.

Boosts your Self Esteem: In this world of comparison, education is the first criteria that is taken as a meter to gauge anyone. The calibrating meter shall be the grades. Don’t allow yourself to be demeaned by any because of your scores. A decent grade can easily surpass all these instances. No one is wanting you to get full marks in all the subjects, but a decent score for your knowledge is always appreciated. 

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Makes your study Life memorable: This is for the future. At any point in time in life, you will not forget your formative as well as adolescent age. More importantly, when your study life comes to your mind, the picture that strikes your mind must not dishearten you with low grades. If you score substantial marks in college, that shall remain as a memorable event throughout your life.

Now that we know why scoring good grades matters a lot, let us understand how you can get good grades. These tips are to be followed diligently without skipping any. 

Don’t Skip Classes: College life is to study and also to have fun. But attending classes is fundamental. If you do not attend your classes properly, how can you ever study? Further, attending classes daily improves your self-esteem. None might ask you why you did not turn up yesterday or the other day. You attending classes must not surprise people. This shall also send signals to your teachers that you are responsible. Please understand, responsible students always score high grades. Another important aspect of attending the classes daily is, you will not miss out on the fun your friends have in school or college. There are many possibilities that you may be left out if you constantly skip classes.

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Model a personality: This may sound weird but works 10 out of 10 times. For you to succeed in anything, you must stay motivated. This is not that easy as it seems. If you do the same thing over a period, you may feel bored and skip doing it too. At the same time, if you model anyone in your life, it can be your relative, a celebrity or anyone who is successful. You will strive hard to be successful. Success breeds success. Have that role model and work towards your glory. You will for sure have good grades this year.

Global Proclamation: This is sheer psychology. You tell your parents, your friends and your relatives that you will score higher this year. What this does is? You will start working hard. As your mind wants to prove something that you said. You will feel embarrassed if you do not score high marks. It is a fear of loss you are attempting to create by telling this to your close people. You may not know, they can also help you in the process. Telling or proclaiming that you will score more marks can easily improve your sense of achievement. You will settle no less than excellence. You will score high grades and keep your words. However, for any reason, if your score isn’t high, there is nothing to lose. You still have the knowledge that you earned while working hard for your grades.

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Participation in the Key: It is not only about attending all the classes. It is about how you are involved in all the classes. This makes a remarkable difference in your life. When you participate energetically, you tend to learn without even studying. You get to grasp very quickly. You tend to become more receptive to what your teacher says. The amount of involvement that you show will determine success in your exams. More importantly, you shall be in the elite set of students who study well. Automatically you come to the limelight.

Seek Guidance from Teachers: Most of the students do not do this, but whoever does it have a high chance of scoring high grades. You must be struggling to cope with certain subjects. Or you may find it difficult to learn as well. Please approach your teachers and seek advice. You can also seek guidance as to how to study that particular part of your subject. Ask them how to score more marks. Be friendly with them. Utilize your break time to strike a conversation with your teachers. No teacher in the world will deny help when a student approaches. Also, thank them for the support offered.

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Systematic Preparation: This is a crucial step to get higher grades. There are many things that you need to do in your life. But when you are at school or college, studies matter a lot. Start preparing a timetable for every subject. Select the difficult ones first. Finish that and keep moving on to the lesser difficult ones. Track your timetable and see whether you are following the same. Add systematic tests that you will be taking while you are preparing for the exams. Take help from teachers to evaluate your tests. Get feedback from the teacher as to what to focus on. Ask your teachers to set a question paper for you. Keep yourself organized in preparing for the exams. You shall be the master of grades this time.

Self Analysis: This requires your cooperation as well as your teacher’s. Analyse yourself and see which is the weakest area in your studies. Check as to why it is weak. Talk to your teachers to tell you what you are bad at. This shall help you focus on concentrating more on that subject. If needed, get extra guidance from the teachers to teach you again. Study well and give more self-prepared tests. This will boost your confidence in scoring more marks in difficult subjects. 

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Frequent Self-prepared Tests: This is a tracking method. As per your timetable keep preparing for all the subjects. Allocate 2 days a week to write tests on all the subjects. It can be a one-hour test paper each. Write the test and get it evaluated by your teacher. Enter the marks in your book or a computer. While you take a series of tests in future, you can compare the scores. You can see if you have progressed or are lagging. Further, it shall motivate you to score more marks than earlier. It is a perfect therapy for scoring more marks in your finals as well.

Write and Practice: This is a much-needed effort in getting higher grades. Many students miss out on this. If you find a difficult subject, attempt to learn a part and write it. Write it by seeing the book. You can also write it by not seeing the book. One time writing is many times reading. It shall register what you have learned clearly in your brain. Another aspect of writing is with Maths. Mathematics is a subject you cannot learn by reading. You must work out all the problems. There is only one way to study mathematics. No matter what, mathematics is one subject you must dedicate more time to as it requires you to write and prepare.

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Read – Study and Review: This is the best way to prepare for any exams. It is a formula but follow as per your convenience. Read and study first. Complete an entire chapter or even the subject. Now, go through every part of it one by one. The mind must reflect the page that you have studied while you write your exam. This is possible only by reviewing it thoroughly. More importantly, you are recollecting everything that you have studied. It shall give you the confidence to face the examination as well. Further, reviewing is the art of remembering forever. It helps you remember the concepts at any point in time. You shall remain thorough and does not require you to prepare again in future. 

Train Your Memory: Well, this is for people who have difficulty remembering what was studied. Attempt to do small exercises daily to train your memory for excellence. You can work on seeing some objects and come back home, write as many things that you remember. Write quickly the names of your classmates, all the names. See if you can remember all the names. If it is getting an easy try out for any other difficult memory games. 


Different Options to Study: When you sketch your weekly schedule, allocate time for group study too. Join along with 2 or 3 friends and study well. This keeps you motivated too. When you attempt different modes to learn, you will strike an interesting vibe with your mind. As for a long time, you have associated only with yourself to study. Attempt to join other friends to give a different flavour to your preparation. If you are a person who loves to study alone, don’t ever attempt this as you will waste your time in doing this. Rather, attempt to study and recite it on a recorder. Listen to how you are answering the questions. Practice the write-and-study method. Allocate time for every subject.

Stick to the Timeline: This is a crucial aspect of preparing for your exams. Don’t ever procrastinate on things. When your timetable says something, complete that. Postponing things can become a habit and eventually be disastrous. It cannot guarantee any results. Tell your parents about your schedule so that they can accommodate themselves accordingly. If you start sticking to your timeline, your self-esteem starts building. If you procrastinate, you shall feel low and it will affect you the next day too. Don’t cut loose anywhere and say I shall study tomorrow. Please understand, tomorrow never comes and you will not procrastinate.


Space your study time: This is highly required for people who are between 10 and 20 years old. Most of us do not know how to space-time while studying. Please do not keep cramming things into your head. Take regular breaks. At the same time don’t wait for breaks. Have objective breaks. That means, complete a considerable part and taking a 15-minute break. This is essential to train your brain to be ready for the next phase of the study. Constant learning shall lead to frustration. While you take a break, drink some tea or have something to eat. Club your lunch or dinner with these breaks as you may not spend additional time taking a break again. Set a proper time and follow that with an equal amount of breaks. Allow yourself to relax and study. Spend some time with the family members also. In a way, you are distracting your mind to think something else and it is of good help to grasp more content.

Write before you sleep: This is an excellent therapy to train your mind to stay focused. Because you had prepared for the exams the whole day. Before you hit the bed, take a pen and paper. Write down what you studied, in short. This therapy keeps you on your toes and also helps you recollect what you had studied. This is the most valuable tip to keep your eye on higher grades. Most psychologists believe that writing before you sleep is immortal. You will remember at any point in time. At the same time, do not get worried if you had not remembered any element. Next day morning, you quickly look into what you had missed, it will spring up your brain not to forget that part at all.

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The brain is like a map. It maps everything evenly. You can retrieve anything that you have studied at any time, provided you follow all these steps. The idea to study well is to score higher grades. These tips shall not only help you score more marks but also train your brain and your memory the right way for more success to come. 

The brain is like a muscle and it must also be worked out like all other muscles in our body. You can certainly study well and use the below tips to train your brain to be top-notch.

  1. Brush with Non-Dominant hand: It is a regular process that we wake up and start to brush our teeth. The hand that we use is the most dominant. From morning, use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth. You will feel weird, but what you will notice is, you will brisk so soon. Be aware, that even when you add toothpaste to your brush use your non-dominant hand.
  2. Take a different Drink in the morning: If you have the habit of drinking the same coffee every day. Change it for tomorrow and another 3 to 4 days. Don’t drink coffee, drink something else. Tell your parents not to give you a regular morning drink. 
  3. Take a different route to school: If you are always taking the same route to school, take a different route for the next week. 
  4. Take another transportation mode: If you go to school in a cycle, attempt to go on a walk. Explore new things while you walk along the road.

What you are doing in all the cases is, you are allowing your brain not to get settled. All this while we have been doing the same thing in the same way. The brain is not given any opportunity to explore anything new. By doing these new things, the brain cells get activated and function exemplarily well. It is the routine that makes the brain go weak. Break the routine and you can find a whole new life unfolding in front of you. This shall help you study well and also score higher grades this year. 

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