18 Tips To Help You Focus on Reading

Posted on June 13, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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Mind and body need food for a living. Reading improves our thought process and thus works as a fuel for our mind. Getting immersed in a book and keep one’s focus intact is an art. If you find it difficult to focus, this art can be learned after investing some time and effort.

In a student life, books are an important part of his curriculum and personality building. Student life has immense struggle when it comes to concentrating on reading a book.

A survey on reading habits of students in the UK reveals that students indulge themselves in reading novels, magazines and newspapers and they enjoy literary works the most. But due to intensity of studies, exam pressure, internet indulgence and busy social life, they have distractions while keeping themselves to a book.

While students know the importance of reading to improve academic performance, it is really important to discuss how to improve reading skills. If you determine to follow them and take the necessary steps to keep yourself focused, there is no looking back.

Let us discuss 19 tips that will teach you to focus on reading.

18 Tips To Help You Focus on Reading

Tips on how to focus on reading:

  1. Try to make the reading habit interesting

While selecting the book title, you must keep in mind the styles that you love. Sometimes the information presented in the important academic title that you have to finish is quite boring. If you are studying in a UK University, you ought to look through the internet and select similar information that is presented according to your personal interest. Thus, reading the same stuff from another author can help you grasp the information quickly.

  1. Use your finger or hand to guide you through the lines

Eyes have an attraction towards moving things. If the fingers are used to guide you from one line to another, the concentration will enhance. Thus, the gaze will be fixed in the book and you will focus on reading.

  1. Know your reasons to read

Finding out a purpose to do some work always instils encouragement in a student. It may be to crack an entrance, to secure highest marks in upcoming exam, or to pass an interview. So, a student should make a conscious decision to study hard and focus on reading the study material.

  1. A thorough inspection of complete study material

It is important to sort out the complete study material before starting to study. Brain functions in a streamlined manner if it knows the extent of the study material. If the complete information is available in easy bullet forms, or easy essay, brain assimilates the information easily.

  1. Reading for the second time

It is found that if a book is read for the second time, it becomes enjoyable and always some hidden information pops up. It is true because the information is fresh for the brain while for the second time memory has already been created in the memory bank. This helps to scan the material smoothly and without internal resistance. Thus, there is a better focus while reading.

  1. Eliminate the distractions

Many students get distracted very easily while trying to concentrate. It is not new as getting distracted is out of control. But what if you know the reason for your distraction and can work out on eliminating all things that distract you?

For example, checking smartphone every 5 minutes or on every notification beep for an awaited e-mail or message distracts a student. So, switch off the computer or phone for the time being and concentrate while reading. If distraction occurs due to friends or acquaintances that keep disturbing you, try reading at a quiet place whose location is known to limited people.

  1. Listening to soft music while reading

If nothing works and you are a music buff, you can try listening to soft lilting tunes while studying. Lyric-less music doesn’t distract you and also blocks the noise coming from your surroundings. Thus, putting earplugs or headphones to focus on the book is a good idea. It keeps your mind and soul calm.

  1. Reading with a book buddy

It is not easy to find a person who has the same interests as you. But if you can find a book buddy or a friend or a family member who is reading the same book as you, things are easy and interesting. The first incentive of reading with a companion is the focus and the second is competition. This technique helps to finish the study material or a novel in less time. Also, topic discussion about the already read material is always a positive factor. It gives deeper insight into the text and their meaning.

  1. Recalling small sections of the study material

If it seems that you do not recall the events that occurred on the previous page, it’s preferable to visit those paragraphs again and assimilate the information. If there is a loss of focus for some minutes, it may lead to distraction and forgotten information.

The best way to combat this situation is to read and recall from time to time. Inculcate this habit of reciting important information on a page before flipping it.

  1. Take a break

A 10-minute break from the book every hour will give some rest to the brain and improves its efficiency too. Thus, short intervals become a key part of the reading that refreshes brain and eyes. It also makes you assimilate the things that have been read.

But many students wonder what can be done in this 10-minute study break. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and smile. Voila! You have read this book for the last 50 minutes and now you are approaching the next session after 8 minutes. Yes, you heard it right, you can leave the room for 8 minutes and have a short eating break and come back to your book.

  1. Eating good nutritious food for better concentration

Nutritious food and better sleeping habits keep the energy level of the body high. Food is an important part of a student’s growing up years that support him for his lifetime. Good food habits not only increase immunity but also the strength to take challenges. Add nuts, eggs, fish, and lentils as healthy fuel options. They will energize the body and lets you handle the study pressure with ease.  This, in turn, improves the concentration and focus abilities.

  1. Small targets must be set

A simple way to keep progressing is by setting up small reading targets. It must be easy to achieve so that a student can keep up his enthusiasm while reaching short term goals. It feels satisfying to step up small steps on a ladder than reaching to the top with so many hassles. Using page numbers or chapters as targets for the day helps a student to meet daily goals and finish the whole project in proper scheduled time. Skills get updated with discipline and focus building techniques, thus reaching a goal with bigger targets in future.

  1. Set some reward for a successful reading session

Small rewards for achieving small targets become a driving factor for a student. It’s not necessary to reward yourself with something unique, but a simple 10 min leisure walk is enough. Some fun activity or playing a favourite video game or rewarding with a sweet food may do the trick.

  1. Turning your task into a game

Games motivate our inner self. So, one can improve focus by turning the reading session into a game. One such game is to read the page in record minutes. Or another one is to challenge ourselves to finish learning important points. Thus, you can train the brain to think that your reading session is not more than a game.

  1. Changing perspective towards books

It is a lame excuse that the book is boring or the curriculum is difficult. If a student determines to find the joy in reading the book, the words are more fluid and its assimilation is effortless. So, build a strong relationship with the book you have to study. Do not let your careless perspective stop you from conquering the book.

  1. Exercising

Reading needs mental alertness but a little physical workout will clear away stress and fatigue. Thus, the benefits of exercise will give a clear mind and hence improve focus. Physical and mental well-being are related to each other in many ways. The brain passes the signal to the body to finish a topic in a scheduled time period, but the body doesn’t respond to the stimulus because it feels lethargic. Thus, getting adrenaline pumped up with physical exercise has ample of benefits when it comes to studying.  Meditation is also a simple way to dissolve anxiety and improve concentration. A better reader never wanders in his thoughts while taking a book in his hand. Student life is full of difficult situations. So, meditate regularly to keep a tab on distractions while reading.

  1. Compiling notes and outlines

Language of some article or paragraph may upset you because it takes ages to understand the twisted part despite reading it again and again. This moment the student realizes that if the information shared here could be simplified, it is easy to learn and understand.

A good reader has a notebook or an MS document opened before him to jot down important points. An outline of the book or chapter will always be handy and remind you about its meaning and purpose.

  1. Tune in to audiobooks

Technology has surfaced in every sphere of human existence. The emergence of e-books and audiobooks is not new for today’s generation. Learning is not restricted in today’s world of gadgets. They have complete information and it is easy for the brain to process it as you are not reading it but listening to it. Audiobooks can be listened to while you are taking a walk in the park or while commuting. Thus it enhances the focus of those students who want an option other than reading.

When a student reads a book or a topic, it must go through his eyes to his brain. If there is no understanding of the topic, the speed with which the book is finished or the number of chapters that are completed for any exam becomes irrelevant. So, it is important to develop concentration. Focus building is a technique that includes the above mentioned simple tips. Thus, make sure to follow them to read like a pro and achieve your goals.

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