18LLP123 – Digital Technologies for Market Analysis

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The objective of this coursework is to provide the students an opportunity to build upon the foundations learned during lectures by engaging in an independent study. In the report, you should:
• Illustrate the understanding of the key concepts of the technologies applied/discussed as part of your market analysis report. You have to illustrate your understanding of the use of various market analysis technologies with intuitive examples, applications, and discussions. Use the discussions to critically reflect upon the technologies by referring to the foundations of market analysis.
• Study and apply appropriate theories and models of market dynamics as appropriate. Discuss/apply those models to develop insights into the use-case you have selected from above.
• Please pay attention to the marking scheme, and try to structure your report to be in line with the marking scheme.
• All submitted reports must be accompanied by the compulsory cover page. No coursework without the completed cover page will be marked.

3Hints on the assignment:

1. Independent study The lectures will often focus on advanced digital technologies and their foundations. Spend some time to refresh your knowledge about traditional market research techniques, and reflect on the advantages brought about by digital technologies you learned in class. Furthermore, you should spend time identifying socio-economic / market dynamic models and theories that affect your use case. These models are very use-case specific, but use the models to critically reflect on your findings.

2. Discussion of technologies You should invest time to study these technologies further, and perhaps learn to apply some technologies where applicable (E.g. use of Tableau for social media analysis). If you cannot apply a certain technology that you learned in class (E.g. Internet of Things), or through independent study, you should study and discuss how they can be applied to improve the findings of your market analysis report.
3. Report writing: The report should be well structured, grammatically correct, fluent, and coherent. To convey your idea clearly, you may use suitable images, diagrams, tables, narratives, etc. in moderation. When you use external
resources, you should quote and reference them properly. Since this coursework is to be a reflection of real-world market analysis, you are expected to show high levels of professionality in your presentation. The 2000-word limit is strict (±10%) (excluding references).

4. Report Structure (Compulsory): The report should contain a section on Social Media/Network analysis (~750-
1000 words) and another on Advanced technologies for market analysis (~500-750 words). These two sections should be clearly titled.

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