18LLP213 – Strategic Marketing Management

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Essay Sample 2

Individual Coursework:

Groomers – ‘your one-stop shop for animal care products’

Marketing Brief
You have been approached by the director of Groomers Ltd (based in Berkshire, England) to carry out a market assessment of current and future market opportunities.

The company was originally established to meet a gap in the market for a premium quality shampoo for dogs. Aimed at professional groomers and breeders, the Groomers brand was originally sold through Mail Order. As the product range expanded, the company began to exhibit at Open and Championship shows.

Today, Groomers is a leading online distributor of quality animal care products in the UK selling its own premium brands via Pets at Home Stores, Pampurred Pets, independent pet shops, wholesalers, agents, discerning breeders, professional groomers, exhibitors, veterinary practices and caring pet and horse owners. The company is also a leading supplier of animal grooming equipment with a diverse product range from professional dryers, blasters, hydraulic & electric tables to new designer dog baths. Groomers also export to Australia, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Japan, Norway, USA and France.

The company has also recently entered the Equine market. The company’s website
is: https://www.groomers-online.com/

Groomers Ltd is developing long-term plans for the business’ future and requires
further information to assess its current and future position. As Marketing Consultant to Groomers, your brief is to undertake a market analysis of animal grooming market. In particular:

  • Assess the external operating environment and identify potential changes/trends in the animal grooming market.
  • Provide a profile of the typical buyers of Groomers products and evaluate the purchase decision making processes for the purchase of animal grooming products.
  • Evaluate key competitors operating in this market.
  • From your analysis, make recommendations as to how Groomers Ltd should position and market its products. You should consider the 4/7Ps of the marketing mix.
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