206SEM Media and Entertainment Law

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HI5013 Managing Across Borders Sample Assignment 3

Assessment Information:
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
1. Apply legal and ethical concepts to various scenarios involving sport or entertainment professionals pertaining to human rights, privacy, defamation and intellectual property laws.
2. Discuss the impacts that alleged illegal substance abuse has had on various sport or entertainment celebrities and their reputations.
3. Outline the possible effects and consequences that a range of media reportage may have on an event or celebrity.
4. Identify and interpret key terms and conditions in an entertainment contract and negotiate improved terms for a given deal for a sportsperson or entertainer.

This assignment is an individual assignment. You are required to address the following assignment brief:

As personal manager of celebrity couple Rebel Redy, a TV reality show star, and her Premier League footballer partner, Chad Mitchell, you are to advise your clients on the following scenario. The following information has been reported, along with accompanying photographs, firstly in the online newspaper Showbiz News and, subsequently, widely reported across ll media platforms:

When the media reports and photographs were released, Rebel Redy’s contract relating to the production and distribution of her ‘Rebelaby’ line of youth and baby couture was immediately terminated by the manufacturer. As a double blow to the couple, Mitchell has been suspended with no pay by his football club. He will not be allowed to train with his teammates pending drug tests. The couple are distraught and explain to you that the ‘concoction of spirits’ was actually a soft drink cocktail, whilst the tablets that Mitchell was seen taking were codeine, prescribed for pain from a footballing injury last week. The ‘champagne’ that Rebel was drinking was, in fact, sparkling mineral water poured into a champagne glass by a champagne- drinking friend to make Rebel feel she was also drinking alcohol. Rebel accidentally tripped when leaving the night-club when the heel of her shoe caught in her dress. Mitchell went on to xplain that, when Rebel fell, he was worried that she might damage her unborn child by the fall, which was why he lashed out at the photographer – he says that he just wanted to get his wife to the doctor quickly and their exit was being hampered by the hotographers.
Rebel is very disappointed that the production and distribution of her new range of clothes has been abandoned as she has spent a considerable amount of time and money developing the range. She is concerned that the manufacturing company will use her designs to manufacture clothes and sell the goods under a different brand name. She confirms that she does  have the original drawings made in a sketch book to prove she designed the whole range; she is particularly proud of her new baby line which was expected to be very profitable after Rebel gave birth. Their reputation and successful careers are in jeopardy and they want the public to hear their side of the story.

Your task:  You must prepare a report for your clients, outlining the legal implications and impact of the scenario. You must discuss the legal and ethical arguments, and provide a rationale for the advice given centred on relevant case law and legislation. You should make firm recommendations for future action. Your advice must cite the relevant case law and legislation throughout. The report must be referenced in CU Harvard style and include at least 8 sources from a range of formats, including a minimum of 2 academic journal articles.
Additional Advice:   Referencing: Appropriate referencing, particularly of case law and legislation, is vital and good work will have a reference list (including legal cases, legislation and other sources) for all material used in the text, plus a bibliography of all materials which have been accessed and read, even if not actually quoted in the text itself. Pay attention to Learning Outcomes: Students should consider to what extent they have demonstrated the learning outcomes in their answer, as this is a key criterion for a successful assessment result.  Pay attention to the Marking Criteria set out below and ensure that you have addressed all of the areas in which you will be assessed.


The answer should be in report format, with clear headings, paragraphs and numbering where appropriate. The report should, as a minimum, have the following sections (and possibly convenient sub-sections dealing with the various issues raised):

Introduction:   A very brief outline of the key issues, background/situation in scenario etc. Do not just repeat the facts of the question. Your clients will already know the facts of the scenario.

Analysis of the Scenario/Issues: An analysis of the legal position should be included, using legislation and case law to define the issues involved on both sides.

Conclusions: What the legal position is believed to be.

Recommendations: What actions do you recommend that Rebel and Chad take, both in the short and long term?

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