5PSYC002W Brain, Mind and Behaviour

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ITECH 5500 Professional Research and Communication

Module Leader:                       Robin Law

Coursework/Assessment Element 1:

Work required: Full research report using 2-Way ANOVA (2000 words).

Your report should comprise title; abstract; introduction; methods; results; discussion; references and appendices in not more than 2,000 words (absolute maximum, excluding reference section and appendices).

You should read the experimental protocol provided on Blackboard (in ‘Assessment’ – ‘Refer Defer Assessment’). The experimental protocol provides you with sufficient information to write your introduction and methods section.

N.B. This is a fresh dataset, titled: ‘Pain Dataset (Refer-Defer 22-23)’ – Do not resubmit your previous report, or use one of the previous datasets.

Having read the experimental protocol, you should formulate and test one hypothesis using the data set provided in the SPSS file. Your analysis should be a 2-Way ANOVA.

Your completed report should be submitted in Assessment area, in the Refer / Defer folder, using the Turnitin link: ‘Refer/Defer Coursework’.

Coursework Submission Date: 1 pm, Monday 10thJuly

Standard Submission

To submit your assignment:

  • Click on the ‘Assessments’ folder;
  • Click on the link to the refer-defer assessment;
  • Click on the Turnitin link ‘refer/defer assessment’;

Follow the ‘upload’ and ‘submit’ instructions.

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