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DIM22102 Fundamentals of Business Management Practice

Assessment 2


Write a report critically analysing the differences between Barclays Bank and Morgan Stanley on the following criteria:

i) structure, culture and leadership
ii) product array and
iii) performance and future challenges
(Total – 100 marks)

Guidance notes:

Use the perspective of the last five years when reviewing culture, leadership and performance.

Marks will be allocated according to the rubric attached.

Word count: Maximum 2,500 words (+/- 10%) including quotations and in-text citations.

Guidance materials:

The following resources are available to assist you with your assignment preparation. They can all be found through myLIBF or your course website:

• Guidance on referencing – Note: It is important that you familiarise yourself with all elements of this;
• Module specification;
• Student handbook;
• Guidance for how to approach your assignment – in the study skills area;
• Submission information; and
• Understanding your similarity report.

The following reading section is provided as a pointer to students in starting their research, which should be much broader than the guidance articles suggested. Although the examiners take every care in providing relevant articles and the links are checked before release of the assignment, we are not able to guarantee that a link will remain viable for the duration of the research phase of the assignment. The readings may be specific, for example, a journal article or a chapter of a book or more general, in terms of a whole book where you are required to determine key areas
that link to your assignment and use this as a basis to broaden your own independent research.

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