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Project Dissertation

Coursework Assignment – Individual Essay

Essay Question:

Choose two companies that are listed on the London FTSE or New York stock exchange: one that has implemented a strategic initiative successfully and one that has done so unsuccessfully. Critically evaluate the two initiatives and their differing outcomes using strategic management concepts and tools from the module. Justify your assessment using at least one of the following themes discussed during the first four weeks of the module: strategic purpose; the external environment; resources and capabilities.


Your essay should reflect your ability to identify and critically evaluate two contrasting strategic initiatives, one that has been successful and one that has not. You should support your argument using at least one of the following strategic concepts (and the associated tools
and techniques) that were covered during the early weeks of the module:

  • strategic purpose (mission, vision, values, and objectives)
  • the external environment (macro-environment, industry/sector, and competitors)
  • resources and capabilities (resource-based view, strategic/dynamic/distinctive capabilities)

You should also demonstrate your research skills by obtaining, critically evaluating and using data and information from a range of quality sources. In-text citations and a references list, in Harvard Referencing Style, are required.

In your conclusion you should summarise your argument by integrating your research and analysis to explain (in terms of strategic management theory) the different outcomes of the two strategic initiatives that you have chosen.

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