7AAD0049 – Decision Making

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CORE 1010: Essay Writing

Penalties for Late Submissions

  • Late submission of any item of coursework will be capped at a minimum pass mark if received up to one week late. Any submission received more than one week late will be awarded a mark of zero.
  • Late submission of referred coursework will automatically be awarded a mark of zero.

Please refer to your student handbook for details about the grading schemes used by the School when assessing your work. Guidance on assessment will also be given in the Module Guide.

This Assignment assesses the following module Learning Outcomes:

1. Select and apply quantitative modeling concepts for problem solving and decision making.
2. Use classical decision theory as an aid to decision making.
3. Acquire a critical awareness of the logical process of modeling complex decision problems.
4. Critically analyze and report results.

Assignment Brief:
Effective operations management depends on very careful decision making. Fortunately, there are a whole variety of analytical tools to help make these decisions including decision tables and decision trees. Discuss the differences with any illustrations, between “decision making under uncertainty”; “decision making under risk”; “decision making under certainty”; with relevance to operations research decision tables and decision trees.

Submission Requirements:
Your report should not exceed 2000 words ± 10%, and include any figures, tables or diagrams where appropriate, and be in the form of a business/technical report.

This assignment is worth 40 % of the overall in- course assessment for this module.

Marks Awarded for:

A TEACHING NOTES SOLUTION SHEET: will be attached to your marked assignment. Marks will include for: the amount of research and effort included, any thoughtful structure and examples, figures, tables or diagrams or similar, clear concise descriptions and discussions, distinct advantages and disadvantages, related recommendations/conclusions, references and bibliography used etc.

A note to the Students:

1. For undergraduate modules, a score above 40% represent a pass performance at honours level.
2. For postgraduate modules, a score of 50% or above represents a pass mark.
3. Modules may have several components of assessment and may require a pass in all elements.

For further details, please consult the relevant Module Guide or ask the Module Leader.

Type of Feedback to be given for this assignment:

A teaching Notes and Solution Sheet with comments and suggestions will be attached to the Assignment:

  • Inclusion of Relevant Points = 40%
  • Quality of Research = 20%
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the Subject Area = 20%
  • Quality of Writing and Presentation (Including Referencing) = 20%
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