A Full Guide on How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

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A research paper is considered the most prolific way to establish knowledge over a subject. Universities in the UK give prominence to research papers over any during a course. Working on a research paper is indeed a valuable effort shown towards academic excellence. Of course, it requires a lot of diligence and dedication. To bring attention to any research paper, the primary weapon is the introduction of it. If the introduction is captivating and attention-seeking, it is considered the best. The rest are just normal research work for the sake of grades. This writes up shall give you a complete run-through of how to make a captivating introduction for your research paper. However, before getting into it, we shall see Why a captivating introduction is needed?

Why do we need an Enticing Introduction?

The introduction offers a sublime start to your research paper. It gives the reader undivided attention to the hard work that you have put into doing the research. The reasons for sketching an enthralling introduction are many. 

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Create Fascination: To make your research paper the best, the introduction must be winning the readers’ interest. For a reader ‘Why is the research paper good for me?’ or ‘What is in it for me?’ Must be answered comprehensively in the beginning. In simple words, your introduction must be the one that must create interest in people to read it completely without missing a line. It must be like a movie trailer or a teaser that must create curiosity in the reader to turn further pages.

Establish Brilliance: A research paper nevertheless requires a lot of effort to be put in. It is just not another assignment. You would have put in the relentless effort with utmost sincerity. It must not go to waste. Imagine, you do a lot of hard work and you know it for yourself. If the introduction is not thrilling or even making sense to the reader, it is just going to be a waste of time. The energy and effort that you have put in are gone for a toss. Instead, if you make the introduction the best possible way, it displays intelligence to the reader. Not only that, but it also shows your hard work.

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Set Standards: The way you write the introduction must set standards for yourself. If the introduction is amazing, people would want to read your papers. The next time you submit another research content, it will add value, and yours will be of prime choice. When you do this consistently, you have set your standards at your University. You are simply the best.

Higher Grades Guaranteed: A good piece of introduction is a mark of excellence. It sets the tone for your grades at the beginning itself. The research paper shall be valued the best with the way it is presented. All the more, the introduction is the only place where you can be subjective to create curiosity. The blend of a fantastic introduction and fabulous research work shall guarantee you higher grades in College. 

Now that we can understand why an Introduction is necessary to be catchy. We must learn to write such an introduction that instigates curiosity. The complete guide to master the art of writing an introduction is given below. But, what is an introduction? Where is it placed in your research paper? 

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Definition of Introduction

‘An Introduction of a research paper is the snapshot of what is your research all about and why is it useful in the current scenario’ An introduction shall include 

  • The topic
  • Topic Relevance to the field of study
  • Benefits

Elements of Introduction

Let us have a glance at what elements must be available to create a captivating introduction to your research paper. This shall set the tone for you to go through the entire write up to understand better. The elements given below need not be in chronological order, however, all these elements must be present to make a strong introduction.

Attention Statement: An introduction must contain information on why this topic is of prime importance. It can be an intriguing question; it can be a catchy statement that raises eyebrows. It can also be a pain point question. This attention statement is suggested to be at the beginning of the introduction. You will make a strong entry by writing an attention statement. For example, you can start by saying

  1. Do you think Water can only quench your thirst?
  2. Have you ever driven a car that runs on ‘Nitrogen’?
  3. Would you like to spend nothing on your electricity bills?

By making such attention statements, you are making the reader get curious about your research paper. The attention statements or intriguing questions must be relevant to the field of research. The ones that are given above are just examples. What you are doing here is, you are making the reader say ‘Yes’ in his mind. Remember if you are getting an answer, Yes, the reader’s mind opens up and starts reading more. Get an excellent attention statement for your introduction.

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Establish Trust: This is a crucial element that must be present in your introduction. How do you say the research work is authentic? How can I trust you? These are questions to be answered using this element. This must contain the places where you have researched for the work, the books that you have referred to, and anything that adds credibility to the topic chosen. Remember, mention only the prominent ones and not all.

What is in it for me: Give the benefits of the research work. This is critical because any research work must have benefits. You cannot just simply say, ‘I did this project/ research to know what it is all about. Have clear benefits and answer the current troubles if you are planning to address any. 

Make it crisp: This is not an element, but this must be followed in all the parts of your introduction. Don’t make the introduction too lengthy. It must not be a story. Make it crisp and catchy. As far as possible Keep it short and simple, but do not use any abbreviations or short forms. It does not mean that. 

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Complete Guide to Write An Introduction to a Research Paper

Now that we are clear about what is supposed to be in the introduction. We shall see the process of writing an introduction to the research paper. For convenience, the introduction writing stages are divided into three parts. They are not stages as such but are requisites to be followed to write an amazing introduction.

  1. Research Phase
  2. Writing Phase
  3. Reviewing Phase

These phases are supposed to be followed one by one.

  • Research Phase

This sets the foundation for your introduction as well as your research paper on the whole. Let us understand the fundamental aspect of writing the introduction. Unless you are completely clear about the area of research, you will never be able to write the introduction. So, you must have the utmost clarity on the research work that you will be doing in the future.

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The research phase is further divided into three steps

  1. Select a Suitable Topic

Most of the time, you will not be provided with the topic. It is your responsibility to come up with a topic of relevance. It must be relevant to your field of study. Unless you select the best topic, you will not be able to proceed with enthusiasm. Guidelines to select the right topic for your research paper. 

Select the topic

  1. That is most relevant to your subject of study
  2. In such a way that it addresses a burning problem in the industry
  3. That is not older than 5 years 
  4. That is not done by any in your University before
  5. That requires detailed and short term research

Use these guidelines to select the topic of your choice. Now that we know what type of topic to select, it is better to know how to select the topic. There are ways to narrow down the hunt for your topic. 

  1. Browse the internet to know what is trending in your area of study
  2. Talk to your lecturers and professors to understand the recent trends to be researched on
  3. Talk to your learned seniors in college to know the current trend

Once you are done with this, you will have many ideas popping up. Sketch all the ideas. See whether the ideas can be combined to make a research project. Connect 3 to 4 ideas and create a suitable topic for your research. 

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Your Topic is ready!!!

  1. Frame the Title for your research Paper

We have selected the topic now. This step is highly needed because your research paper requires a title. And the title must proclaim the idea that you are planning to research. Create a title that is credible and not fancy. Word of caution; do not write lengthy titles. Make the title fit into 12 words maximum. 

  1. Literature review on the Topic

This is the final step in this phase. The topic is ready and the title is also ready. You must present it with relevant details in the introduction. For that and also for your research paper, do a thorough literature review. This is a much-needed step. As much as you collect data, it is all for good in the current or the future stages of your research. The Literature review is required because your words on the research shall not be considered authentic. You must find sources of scholars who have done the work in the same area as your topic. A literature review can be done in the library or also online. Get in touch with your professors, they may be of great help in this regard. On the whole, you must research for the base of the topic and scholars who have researched similar areas. Don’t forget to take notes at any point in time. You can use this information as a citation in your introduction. 

This ends the first phase. As the name implies, it is a phase where you will be involved in intense research. You will be meeting a lot of people in your life. Reading a lot of books and also watching online videos on the same. Remember to make a note of it so that you can use it while writing the introduction. 

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  • Writing Phase

This is the action phase. You will put all your research and learning into proper written format. This phase shall complete your introduction in written form. This has a few steps too. Moreover, a few quality guidelines are also added after those steps. Follow them diligently too.

Prepare a Rough Draft: If you are planning to write an enticing introduction, you must perform this trial and error method. You cannot write the introduction perfectly in the first go. You must choose the right choice of words, the right flow and it must meet the context that you are planning to create. Remember, in a research paper, content is important; agreed. But setting the context is most important. For you to strike a balance between content and context, you must draw the outline or a rough draft first.

We must connect with the ‘Elements of Introduction’ here. You know what are parts or elements must the introduction have. Write part by part with all the available information. 

The suggestion is, do not to write the attention statement first. Write the rest and come back to it once you are done with all the elements.

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Once you focus on writing the part of the introduction. Watch out for these areas for every element.

  1. Is the one that you are writing is relevant?
  2. Is it needed in this context?
  3. Is it making sense?
  4. Is it crisp?

Once your rough draft passes all these stages, then connect all the parts (remember, we have not still touched the first element). Now rewrite the statements according to the connection that you are planning to establish among the elements. Again check for the 4 gates. If it passes, then the introduction is good to go. 

Wait!!! We have still not touched the ‘Attention Statement’. As we know, this must be catchy at the same time relevant to the topic. So read through the introduction that you have written 2 to 3 times. The attention statement must strike you. Let us also give certain cues, and the attention statements can be any of the ones mentioned below. 

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  • A quote from a poetry
  • An anecdote
  • A joke
  • A quote from a famous person
  • A fact
  • An Intriguing question

It can be any of the above. But remember, the introduction must be classy and it must have the curiosity element in it. 

Write down 10 to 20 statements. Connect with the other parts of the introduction and see. Whichever suits them best, select it and add it to the introduction. 

Add it, read it once again. Let it pass through the 4 gates. It is good to go now. Your introduction to your research paper is ready. 

Tips to Write Enticing Introduction

  1. Use Simple Language: Yes!!! This is of prime importance. Do not make the reader search for the dictionary all the time. Make the language of your introduction simple. Using high sounding words shall never help you in this regard. If the reader is not able to understand what you are planning to say, all the hard work is gone to waste. Use simple and understandable language. 
  2. Do Not Copy: Unless you use any quotes or citations that is said by others, create your introduction. Do not copy any line or a phrase to make your introduction look good. It is bad to copy and strictly no plagiarism. No University in the UK supports plagiarism. 
  3. Stop Using Unwanted Short forms: Unless it is jargon well understood by all or a technical term that needs to be put in abbreviation. Do not put any in short forms or acronyms or abbreviations. Do not use Texting languages too. 
  4. Organise the flow: As you do the rough draft, you must look for the right flow. The sentences must not look disconnected. While reading and re-reading your work, check if the flow is perfect. It must sound like a free-flowing river.
  5. Use Transition Words: Transition words are the one that creates curiosity to read further. Words like ‘Moreover’, ‘Further’, ‘In addition to’, ‘On the whole’ and many more. Such words shall take the reader to a high level of interest. By using such words, you create suspense and deliver the surprise. It is the best method to write an introduction. 

By this, we come to the end of the second phase.  As said earlier, the introduction is ready, but the last phase is crucial and lets us not leave it behind.

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  • Reviewing Phase

As the name implies, you must review what is written. Though we do this several times during the writing phase, it is required now because, while writing our mind sticks to writing and thinks that it is good. Take some time, say a days break and read through what is written. You must go through the same 4 gates again, additionally, add a gate now. Let us reiterate the gates of proofreading.

  1. Is the one that you are writing is relevant?
  2. Is it needed in this context?
  3. Is it making sense?
  4. Is it crisp?
  5. Does it have the right flow?

If you find any flaw in it, do not change it immediately. Re-read it again and allow it to assimilate in you. Even after multiple reviews, if you feel there is something to be changed, then change it. Again as you write, go through the gates and review it for perfection. Once it is done, check for the below mentioned once again

  1. Are the words used simple?
  2. Is the introduction grammatically correct?
  3. Does the introduction convey all that is required?

Once all are clear, the introduction is good to go.

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The requirement of the Thesis Statement

In certain research papers, it is required of you to write the thesis statement in the introduction itself. It may be requested. If it is not asked for, do not mention it. If it is asked, then follow the guidelines below to write the thesis statement.

A thesis statement normally forms a conclusion for your introduction. It is of prime importance in researches of higher ranks. A thesis statement is the one that gives the importance of this project/ research that you have done. It is also an element of curiosity but the success rate of your research paper highly depends on this.

A thesis statement can be of 2 or 3 sentences but has the following things established in it.

  1. Background of the topic
  2. Audience Engagement
  3. Problem and its solution

All these three parts must be combined to put as a statement at the end of the introduction to add more value to your research paper. 

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Things that you must watch while writing an Introduction

  1. Size, do not make a lengthy introduction. The reader may not feel like reading if it is too lengthy. Practice reading and see if it is easy to read in 45 to 50 seconds.
  2. Be logical in writing the Introduction. Don’t connect any fantasy. Your research work is real and so does the introduction.
  3. Add relevant citation to the introduction
  4. Add relevant attention statement
  5. Substantiate that this is the most recent work

Writing an introduction to the research paper is an art. You must be clear with what you are planning to research. Take help from your professors if you are stuck anywhere.

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At the same time, keep the information in a notebook and do not forget to know the facts and figures by heart. Use technology wisely and prepare the introduction the best way possible. All the Best!!!

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