A Guide on How to Create Exclusive Conclusion for your essay

Posted on February 12, 2019 by Cheapest Assignment

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What is the Conclusion of an Essay?

Have you ever thought what exactly a conclusion is?  It is just like when a movie comes to its end and you hold yourself back to see what happens at the end. You are eager to find out how do the actors sign off at the end. So, the conclusion is one of the fascinating things that is expected to come out as perfect as it could be. Remember, if the conclusion is not interesting, the readers might find the entire piece of writing not that entertaining as it could have been if it had an impressive conclusion. So, writing a conclusion is not a child’s play. A lot of thinking should go into it to make it impressive, striking, and to the point. Most importantly, it should always convey the right message to its readers.

Here, we present the pattern that should ideally be followed to write the perfect conclusion that would make your entire essay well accepted and appreciated. One of the tricks to writing the final concluding paragraphs is to close the discussion instead of signing it off completely.

Here, we take the opportunity to discuss what exactly is required to be done in order to create meaningful and precise conclusions.

  1. Summarize the main points:

    What is a conclusion without a proper summarization of the main points? While drafting your conclusion, consider taking the first sentence of each paragraph and try to write them following a different style. A good summarization would retain the viewpoint or arguments of the essay.

  2. Highlight the important aspects of your Essay:

    In every essay, there are certain points which are considered to be the vital points that evoke a deep thought in the minds of the readers. So, while drafting the conclusion, do not forget to add those aspects to keep a lingering feeling in the readers’ minds even after they are done reading the essay. Do not introduce a new point or any new aspect in the conclusion as this would nothing but create confusion in the minds of the readers and they would feel bewildered after going through the essay.
    It is always advisable not to bring in ideas that are complicating in nature. Rather, you should go for the main and vital aspects to enlighten and keep the attention of the readers intact. You can also use quotations from the body paragraphs however these are recommended to be used from a general context.

  3. Write Your Concluding Paragraph keeping in mind the thesis statement:

    To write an encapsulating conclusion, your thesis statement should always be there in your head. The minute you move away from your thesis statement, there are chances of goofing off the concluding paragraphs. You should write your concluding paragraph in the same context of your thesis statement however your tone should be very formal.
    To leave a lasting impression in the minds of your readers, you must mention the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph. The mantra is to talk about the entire idea however it should not sound repetitive or monotonous. Hence, paraphrasing plays a significant role in composing the ending parts of your essay. An under or over paraphrased write up will not serve your purpose and all your efforts would go in vain.

  4. Don’t forget to mention your own perspective:

    What is an essay if it does not mention the point of view of the writer or his own perspectives. In conclusion, you might mention the developments that are going to occur in the future. You can also mention about the aspects that are likely to grow in the future. Stay away from introducing a new character in the concluding portion of your essay. Some aspects that can be mentioned are the dos and don’ts that one should follow if they opt for in-depth It is better to make it interrogative in nature to grasp the attention of the readers.

  5. Repetition Is a Complete No-No:

    Imagine yourself as a reader of an essay that has been recently shared by one of your friends. While reading it, if you find it to be redundant in nature and full of repetition then how would you feel about the essay? Would you not lose your interest in reading it throughout? There are chances of even leaving it halfway. Readers get bored if they have to read the same repetitive sentences time and again. As we have discussed, in order to retain the point of view, you are required to mention important aspects of the essay. So, whenever you have to restate a certain point of view, always try to present it in a different style so that it does not look alike with the sentences that are already mentioned in your essay. It should sound as good as a new sentence in your essay.

  6. Re-explain your evaluation:

    The concluding section demands you to re-explain the evaluations that are mentioned throughout your essay. This would help remind the readers about the analysis that they have just read in the body parts of the essay.
    Refrain from using misleading and false notions in the ending section. A writer might not realize while including a false notion but this might become a reason for dissatisfaction among the readers.

  7. Special Attention to the Tone:

    It is considered to be a disregard when the tone of the essay is changed especially in academic essays. To make their essays more interesting and appealing, the students might change the tone of the essay, however; it is not at all accepted by educational institutions.
    Stay away from creating unnecessary emotional sentiments in the ending section of your essay. It is better to conclude in a strong way highlighting the important aspects of your essay. Remember, your teacher would appreciate if diction and rhetoric are properly used in your essay.

Above mentioned are some important aspects of how to write a concluding paragraph in an essay.

It is also important for you to understand some principles that you should follow for writing essay conclusions that might be a good help for you in the future.

Principles That Can be followed for writing the conclusion of essays-

Here, we have come up with some tips that can be useful for writing a conclusion for your essay. It is advisable to use these principles while drafting the concluding paragraphs.

  1. Instead of summarizing the essay fully, keep it to the point and effective.
  2. Follow your discipline and draft the concluding paragraphs.
  3. Do not forget to restate your point of view in the concluding paragraphs.
  4. Your tone should be formal and not emotional.

The above-mentioned principles should help you in drafting perfect conclusions for your essay. In case if you still have doubts, hire the services of the experts to write an effective conclusion for your essay.

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