Abstract Expressionism Assignment

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HRM 3013 - Module Outline

Abstract expressionism refers to the recent forms of abstract art that were developed by early American painters that involved the use of gesture brushstrokes that created an impression of spontaneity. I choose this topic since I like expressing my feelings and emotions in a picture since the eye is the soul to the mind and thought that this form of creating abstract art would help create a deeper and intimate understanding with everyone who viewed my picture. I also choose this story because I remember when I was starting to experiment with different forms of art I always felt something was lacking since some of the paintings did not exude the emotions and expressions of the painters. I remember thinking that if I developed my talent I would find a way to incorporate my feelings, emotions, thoughts, and unconscious into the painting to arouse an emotional feeling from my viewers since they would be able to understand my pain, joy, and sorrow in every stroke of the brush. I was also allured with the impression of spontaneity that abstract expressionism gave to a painting since I felt that it was compatible with my personality and nature as a painter and artist. This topic was also relevant to me since I grew up looking up to painters such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko’s work during the 1940s and 1950s as I was impressed with their ability to evoke such deep feelings by just analyzing their paintings. The abstract expressionism looks like a vivid image of the picture that depicts the emotions, feelings, and unconscious mind of the painter. The abstract arts and paintings evoked raw emotions from the audience and a lot of media recognition. This is made compelling by the fact that the audience can understand and identify the feelings that the author was experiencing in the making of the art or painting. Abstract expressionism is compelling since the painter can connect with his or her audience at a deeper and intimate level since they understand each other effectively.  

Abstract expressionism was created by the American painters Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Willem de Kooning to help the artists to be able to efficiently and effectively express their different cultures. The method was developed to help the artists to channel their emotions concerning the outcomes of the First World War and to enable them to properly express their inner emotions in a creative and beautiful method. Abstract expressionism was mainly founded on the aspect of surrealism that emphasized that artists should pay attention to their unconscious mind for the development of a spontaneous painting. The abstract expressionist mainly favoured this technique since they were not required to create an imaginary identity for themselves but could express their raw feelings and get recognition from the mass media and the audiences. New York was the major cultural region that inspired the majority of abstract art and painting that was created around that time. The majority of the abstract painters came from diverse backgrounds hence they focused on merging their ethical beliefs and cultural influences on the paintings. These diverse backgrounds created different perspectives and representations of their emotions to the audience. Abstract expressionism generally focused on allowing the painters to express their extreme and unique behaviours in their arts in a way that depicts who they truly are as individuals when they are not creating and painting. (Nesic, 2019)

I liked how abstract expressionism influenced the paintings and artworks of various major painters and artists to express their emotions in their work. This abstract expressionism was classified into two groups namely the action painters whose main art form was through attacking their canvases with brushstrokes that express their feelings.  The other form is colour field painters who majorly use one single colour in a large part of their painting and picture. This influenced the behaviour of the action painters to generally use their painting brushes in a spontaneous manner that shows their inner impulses and emotions. I like that abstract expressionism influenced the work of my favourite painters in the mid-1900s as it shaped who I am as a painter and artist. I like that it enables my art to effectively impact how my audience views my art and it impacts all aspects of their lives. Abstract expressionism generally influences the nature of the painting, the murals of the federal art project, the different European abstract movements, and the focus of the painters. This type of art developed for abstract expressionism gives the audience a better outlook on the painter since they put a piece of themselves in every single stroke of the brush. The action painters used their artistic abilities and process in the expression of their identity by experimenting with various techniques. These techniques enabled them to involve different artistic styles in the creation of their arts since there were so many possibilities. The colour field painters focused on using geometrical forms in the construction of their images and paintings to give their art a sharp edge that illustrated their spontaneous personality and their behaviours. 

My topic on Abstract expressionism was impactful on the quality of the painting created by the painters since they exuded the emotion and feelings of the painters. The topic also impacted how the target audience viewed the piece of art since they gain an inner understanding of the factors that influenced the creation of the painting and what information was being exuded by the painters. The topic also affected the methods of painting and creation of images by the painters and artists as it provided them with a method of incorporating their feelings and emotions into the arts for the achievement of a successful and meaningful painting.  Abstract expressionism improved the quality of the painting and images since the painter adds more detail through the use of brush strokes and uniform colour that shows their emotional status. Abstract expressionism impacts the audience’s understanding of the painting. The main subject impacted is the audience and the painter since the painter gives a part of himself in every painting since he takes his raw emotions and channels them into these beautiful masterpieces. These paintings contained a beautiful and surreal feeling about them since you could feel a primitive connection to the painter. I think abstract expressionism also improved the quality of the painting method used by the painters and artists since it introduced a new method of creating their paintings and drawings that added more value to their quality of work. (Nesic, 2019)

The abstract expressionism painters did not use representational forms in their arts but mainly focused on paintings that communicate on a monumental scale which greatly represents the artist’s emotional wellbeing and their state of mind into a visual language that is universally acceptable. Abstract expressionism focuses on revealing the painter’s true identity to the target audience to help them understand them better. The abstract expressionism movement generally influences the other artists and movements as it enabled them to generally relate to it on a deeper level. This movement captured my imagination following its existence since the mid-1900s and how it has continued to affect the paintings and images of future artists following their creative imaginations and expressions of everyday objects and images. The main emphasis of abstract expressionism was on the mass media and the consumer culture to help them gain the required recognition based on the quality of their work. Abstract expressionism also faced a lot of criticism from other painters who did not support the use of only gestures and painting as a communication language with the artists but advocated for the use of geometry and smooth application of the paints in the paintings. This method of developing paintings and arts that incorporated all aspects of the painters in the creation of the masterpiece ensured that they gave their all in forming a strong communication with their audience.

The invention of abstract arts and painting are an example of the details that support the impact of the topic quality leading to the invention of different and unique types of art. Abstract expressionism invented the abstract arts, images, and paintings that have become prominent in the current world due to their raw emotions and vividness of the picture portrayed. Society is also great support for abstract expressionism since society is a major effect in the creation of art and paintings through this method since they influence the culture and nature of the paintings. Abstract expressionism however has a lot of restrictions on the painters and artists since their art should convey emotion for them to be classified under abstracts hence the creativity and innovation of their reality in a unique and non-representation method. Abstract expressionism leads to the development of new methods of paint application such as placing the canvases on the floor. The painters and artists are required to use a variety of colours, sizes, shapes, and forms in the creation of art that expresses the purity and sincerity of their thoughts and emotions. (Nesic, 2019)


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