Advanced Operations Management (AOM)

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Task: Select a process whose operational issues are of interest to you. Then, using a structure methodology (i.e: DMAIC) develop a data driven analysis of the chosen process and demonstrate improvements in its performance.

You should submit a 2500 essay that:

  1. Define the problem identified and the system to be improved
  2. Measure the current level of performance
  3. Analyse the root cause of the problem
  4. Improve the process performance
  5. Make some recommendations in order to sustain the improvement in the long term

*Important note: this is an academic piece of work and it should be grounded and supported by the relevant literature.
Marking Criteria

Students will be assessed against specific learning outcomes of the module and essay-marking guide (knowledge, content, critical-analysis, research, structure).  Grades will be awarded by DECILE.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse the nature of change in relation to process improvement
  2. Analyse the nature of structure and culture to achieve Business Excellence.
  3. Understand how the systems, techniques and tools can be used to best advantage
  4. Demonstrate the nature of change in relation to process improvement and its effects in contemporary business environments.
  5. Apply improvement methods that business can employ to enhance their performances

Essay-marking guide

The following guide is provided as a support to both marking an essay and for potentially structuring feedback to students. It is intended to be flexible in terms of the emphasis placed on the various categories.

Knowledge: Does the student display a grasp of the appropriate knowledge base for the assignment? Are statements about general concepts and ideas correct? Is there some evidence of further reading?

Content: Has the student addressed key issues implied by the question, is there a clear effort to address the question. Is there too much irrelevant information? Is the volume of content appropriate?

Critical Analysis: Does the student analyse and deconstruct concepts to some depth rather than superficially describe them. Is there evidence of argument presentation and is this done in a balanced way?

Research: Are a variety of sources used, are journal articles included? Are the references used correctly, e.g. quotes etc. Is there evidence of wide reading (quantity)? Is there good use of primary data?

Structure: Is there a clear structure through the assignment? Is it in line with the implied flow of the question? Is it easy to follow arguments or are ideas spread illogically throughout the assignment?

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