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What are the main aesthetics/features of the genre of Heavy metal? 

The sonic attribute that makes heavy metal music which stands out from other genres is intensity, and the ability to drive that intensity beyond what might be considered within the realm of comfort. A metal song is a vehicle of psychological exorcism, and the sounds crafted around them are intended to reflect this regardless of the actual material. Due to the fact that there are so many subgenres to metal, it is not easy to touch on the qualities of technicity (doom vs tech-death), vocal style, drumming styles (deathcore vs sludge) and guitars such as Author & Punisher, botanist and Apocalyptica, etc or preferred musical scale like chon. This variation in distribution is so diverse that an inane number of subgenres occurs as a byproduct. That represents the imagination of mankind, which increases the number of ways that one can express the sense of seeing the dark.

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Most metal uses a complex song structure that includes highly skilled musicians. Lyrical material with a concentration on the themes of darkness, fantasy or feeling. Not much of this kind of “love” song. The complicated lyric is unveiled in tracks like One-Metallica, Prisoner-Iron Maiden and War Pigs-Black Sabbath from 3 separate sub-genres.

The other aspect of heavy metals is the possibility that intensely violent riffs are distorted. There are many forms of music with extremely distorted riffs. One should remember punk rock. Punk rock. However, it is the brutal guitar riffs that render the distinctions between punk rock and hard rock. It doesn’t matter much if it’s blues, classic or hard rock. However, metal chords and other chords of guitar remain. Most metal riffs are made of small scales and power chords. For instance, the Dio- Holy Diver song riff. 

This song is an example because everyone has heard the song and knows the riff more or less. However the riff people hear is strong, which makes the listener hear it more clearly  One can also hear in. the brutal low pitch than other rock styles which makes it to be well established aesthetic. Besides, the genre is also not only brutal but also tend to be very noisy.  The riff in this song is fast, deformed, loud and noisy making it more effective. The opening riff of Back In Black for instance is AC/DC Black in black. Yeah, punk rock is not. Yeah. It’s deep, but there’s no metal riff. It’s a rock that’s heavy. Cause it’s really slow, as you see. In the selection/strumming, it has longer gaps than metal riffs (comparatively). The palm muting is another trend most metal riffs imitate. That brutally makes the music. However, many metal guitar players will create metal riffs with no palm muffled.

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In the heavy metal genre, there is also a powerful vocal. Metal vocals provide solid vocals relative to other rock genres. Well, certain metal styles like symphonic metal, power metal and progressive metal do not have soft voices for all metal genres. However, the voices in heavy metal are still forceful, violent. And also shouting functionality. Before the advent of metal, early hard rock singers used to yell too. But that’s not metal, that’s not metal. Metal was highly screamed, later with a strong mid-pitch voice. These two changed the metal voice dramatically. For the first time, Ian Gillan from Deep Purple produced high-pitch shouts. So he developed a new style of voice, followed later by most metal singers. For example, in the mid-pitch in the late 1970’s Ronnie James Dio began singing in a powerful voice. That again showed the metal singer another new direction. In the 1980s, Bruce Dickinson sang a strong voice in the mid-pitch, followed by Ronnie James Dio, and Ian Gillan’s high-pitch screams. This made the metal vocals famous and affected all the metal singers (after the mid-80s).

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Technical guitar solos are also present in connection with the heavy metal genre. There are plenty of metal songs with no solos. But more technically, metal solos are played. It can be called shredding as well. There are some of heavy metal’s features. There’s really much more, much more. However, most heavy metal songs are popular

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