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  1. This exam is available from 10 to 17 June 11:55pm (Sydney time).
  2. There are two parts to this examination: Part A and Part B.
  3. Part A has 7 questions; you need to answer 5 of them. Each question is worth 4 marks. This part is worth 20 marks.
  4. Part B has short essay type questions (500 – 600 words). There are 7 questions in this section. You are required to answer any 3 questions.

    All questions are worth 10 marks. This part is worth 30 marks.

  5. This is a take home open book exam. Use of any reference material is permitted. Candidates must acknowledge any use of resource material to avoid plagiarism.


Write a paragraph about 5 (FIVE) of the following 7 questions. Each question is worth 4 marks. This section is worth 20 marks.

  1. Describe the main reason for and the elements of a typical Safety Management System (SMS) as you could find it with an ANSP?
  2. What are the factors that typically determine the runway capacity of a given airport?
  3. Why is the study of Human Factors so relevant to the aviation industry?
  4. Thunderstorms are a concern to ATC operators in all units and regions.
    Why are thunderstorms problematic – how do they impact on operations?
  5. Why is ‘automation bias’ a concern to designers of cockpits and ATC systems alike? Explain with an example.
  6. Remote (or Virtual) Towers is a new high-level concept where the physical tower is not located at the airport and the control services are performed from another location. Please contrast benefits and risks of this concept
    and point towards elements where particular care should be taken.
  7. De-regulation of the ATM market describes the ‘opening’ of the monopolistic ATC national markets to international competition (see here Press release from London Gatwick: What is your view of opportunities and challenges connected to such a de-regulation?

End of Part A


Write short essays, approximately 500 words each on THREE ONLY of the following topics. Each question is worth 10 marks. This section is worth 30 marks.

  1. You have been appointed ATC manager of the new Airport in the City. You are to provide a Board Memo that describes your strategy and all the initiatives you intend to implement with the goal to minimize the impact on
    environment and the community.
  2. Discuss the technologies and procedures that could facilitate “free flight”, outlining the benefits, risks and limitations of this concept / idea.
  3. Ground based navigation aids and ATC radars are a high maintenance cost item in the ANSP’s budget. What are alternatives to these traditional support systems to ANS? What are the pros and cons of these alternatives?
  4. While airports and airlines are most often private or public companies, ANSP still are mainly governmental owned (and often governmental run.

    What is your view on this and what would – in your view – be the optimal ownership model for ANSP. Explain:

  5. Explain how Air Traffic Flow Management concepts work? What are the benefits of these concepts for the airspace user and the service provider?
  6. Why has the aviation system (airborne – and ground based part) become the safest means of transportation? Please explain by comparing it with another transport mode.
  7. How do you see the future ATM system developing? Include organizational, regulatory, technological and aspects concerning the operator in your statement.

End of Part B

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