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From 1845, Congress legislated that the first Tuesday of November be the day that American citizens get to cast their votes and democratically pick their next president. Tuesday was a very convenient day since during this time, most Americans were farmers. November was chosen because it is the most suitable month for farmers. In November, planting or harvesting is not carried out. In that year, they decided Tuesday, Monday was a national catholic holiday, and they did not want to interfere with it (Lee et al., 2017). This day also was in harmony with the existing 34-day window in federal law. This is the span between the first Wednesday of December and election day.

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The democratic party of the US is generally based on liberalism. Democrats tend to support the LGBTQIA+ community, abortion rights and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The party also stands for; voting rights for all, equal opportunity, immigration, gun control, the death penalty, torture, right to privacy and many more. The democratic party is very liberal to its citizens and does not go out of its way to cartel their personal lives. It believes in the absolute right to privacy (Bucci et al., 2020). Barack Obama, a democrat, upheld these values. He even pushed for legislation of the LGBTQ+, which brought a lot of equality to every person’s rights.

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The republican party is a conservative, Christian party. In the early stages of its development, it stood and gave rights to states to practice slavery. However, modern conservatives are mainly against the power of the federal government as opposed to state rights. The party advocates for reduced taxes, affirmative action and policies that strengthen workers’ rights. Most conservatives favour increased government regulation on the private lives of citizens in areas like abortion (Jacobson, 2018). A president like Donald Trump has been very vocal about the LGBTQ+ community and abortion laws. These have been the two major political parties in the US for over a century. 

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