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HRM 3013 - Module Outline

Title of Paper

Michael Jackson

 “Billie Jean”

Michael Jackson


Drum set, guitar, electric bass, string, synthesizer and Harmony Vocals. The instruments come in when a new section begins such as in the pre-chorus ad chorus. 


4/4 meter


: this song has a moderate tempo that ranges at approximately 116bpm. The song, however, feels slow because it mostly emphasizes the second and fourth beats more than the first and the third beats. 


F# Minor

: A¹, B, A², B B, C, 1/2B, B, tag 1, tag 2; or Intro, Verse 1, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Verse 2, Pre-Chorus, Chorus 2x, Bridge, Chorus

the music is classified in the category of R&B. this is simply because of the strong backbeat, the driving baseline, the soulful singing and instrumentation. 

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This music Billie Jean was recorded in 1982, and Michaels Jackson and Quincy Jones directed it. This song is considered a pop, R&. This song is one of the rare recordings where one will hear the greatness the first time one hears it. Just like many of his songs, this song also starts with a rhythm. The rhythm is, however, very simple, but its simplicity grabs the attention of the audience. Two rhythm measures are played on the drum set, and then the audience is introduced to the baseline. The baseline offers the song’s foundation. It is also the hook that keeps the audience listening ad following through the entire song. The vocals of Michael Jackson are very emotive as he gives the story of mistrust. He masterly uses his upper register he decorates the melody. His vocal “hiccups” and breathless stutters add taste to the song. The video shows characteristics of pp since t is upbeat and the lyrics are in tune with the pop song. Similarly, the dancing is conventional to pop music. 

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This was especially seen in 1983 when MJ performed for the first time the moonwalk “Billie Jean” on NBC’s anniversary. Although he was not the initial inventor of this dancing style, it is up to date associated with him. the performance during this anniversary moved the song from being a popular R&B  to a full musical experience. 

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