AMN401 IMC Assessment 2: Measuring Integration

Posted on June 27, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Discussion Post Assignment

Some additional direction for Assessment 2
This is based on questions asked at tutorials and feedback from tutors. Firstly, what messages to include There may not be a lot of client activity on social media channels or website or even in paid media. Include whatever you can find. Even if it is evidence of client campaigns mentioned in the brief. Don’t forget service messages.

How to present them Using the SCT framework.
Don’t forget you can summarise messages if there are reoccurring themes, even if they are across platforms – so “messages about good value for money”.
“Messages about the special weekend events”
“Mother’s Day suggestions”
We are not looking for every specific message, but an overview of the kinds of messages that are delivered and when.

How to reference it
For a message, URL is best or even a platform reference like Youtube. If it is something like an observation of a service encounter, then something like “Observation of Service Encounter, (include where) 1/5/19”. If it is from your research, then a citation or URL. All of these should be in your reference list.

Some specifics
– Difference between paid and owned media;
Go back to your slide decks. Paid media is paid for by the company – like an ad. Owned is owned by the company, like a website or their Facebook page. – Should you include the sentiments for say messages (because the table in the slides indicates that) You can. I can’t imagine too many paid messages not being positive.
-The primary research (interviews, focus groups) is for Assessment 3 – not this one.
– Word count does not include your references. Aim for words but plus or minus 10%

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