Analysis of a Case Study on Social Marketing

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Maximum length: 1600 words

This assessment looks at cause-related marketing which supports a cause, or social marketing that furthers a cause.

You are to critically examine and compare the RSPCA Adopt a pet campaign reviewed at


the WWF Adopt an animal reviewed at


Your task is to critically analyse both websites for information about the 4Ps of marketing.

Product – define the term and explain what the core benefit, the expected product and augmented product are for a

Price – define the term and determine the initial cost and what is the ongoing cost for a customer;

Place/distribution – define the term and describe where can you obtain the product and how easy would it be for you
as a customer to make a purchase;

Promotion – define the term and explain what messages are being sent to potential customers and what types of
messages are these;

Based on the information and analysis you have completed, justify who is the target market for each campaign and
explain if you fit within that target market.

This assessment will be a good step towards helping you for Assessment 3 where you will use the 4Ps to come up
with your own cause-related or social marketing campaign.

Assessment Due Date Week 5 Friday (16-Dec) 02:00 PM AEST
Return Date to Students Week 7 Friday (06-Jan)
Weighting 40%
Assessment Criteria

Criterion Mark
Introduction to assessment and description of organisations and products 4
Product Definition, Core benefit, Expected product, Augmented product 8
Price Definition, initial cost, ongoing cost 6
Place/distribution Definition, where can you obtain the product, how easy to purchase the product 6
Promotion Definition, Messages sent to potential customers, Types of messages sent 6
Justify who is the target market, Explain if you fit within that target market. 4
Conclusion 2
References both in-text and in reference list are correct and all included 4
Total 40
Referencing Style(in text referencing should be done)American Psychological Association (APA)

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