Annotated Bibliography Assignment

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Annotated bibliography & essay

In this course, you will complete an annotated bibliography and essay on the same topic. The annotated bibliography gives you practice in key academic skills such as searching for journal articles, summarising key ideas, referencing, and academic writing. It is the start of the research for your essay and will offer useful sources and ideas.

For both tasks, you will focus upon one client group as an example of social work practice
Chosen topic – Young people living in refugee camps

Suggested steps

1. Watch the four short video case studies about each client group on Moodle.

2. The videos give you background information on each client group from the perspectives of people with lived experience.

3. After you watch the videos, choose the client group you will focus on for the annotated bibliography and essay

Annotated bibliography

  • 20% of total mark for this course
  • Word limit – 1000 words (3 entries x approx. 300 words each) Note: do NOT include bibliographic details of each article in the word count
  • Due date – 15th August Submission instructions ,using Microsoft Word or PDF format Referencing style: APA 7th Edition
  • Presentation style: Use the template provided below You are required to write an annotated bibliography consisting of THREE journal articles/book chapters that relate to your essay topic.

Step 1: From the following list of social work theories, choose TWO that are most likely useful in social work practice with the client group you have chosen:

  • Attachment theory
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • Cognitive behavioural practice
  • Systems theory/ecological systems theory
  • Strengths-based practice
  • Narrative practice
  • Humanistic practice
  • Critical theory
  • Feminist theory
  • Anti-oppressive practice
  • Green social work/environmental social work

Step 2:
Use the university library resources to search for journal articles and book chapters about each theory. The articles/chapters can be about each theory in general, or they can be specifically about each theory in relation to the client group you have chosen.

Step 3:
Choose THREE articles/chapters for this assessment. Make sure you include at least ONE entry related to each theory. Tip: During the searching process you will probably find more resources than you need for this task. Save the other articles and chapters somewhere safe – you may use them for your essay.

Step 4:
Write an annotated bibliography entry for each article using the template below.

write out the full reference for the source in APA format

Write a summary of the article/chapter in your own words (one paragraph)

Write a short reflection outlining: what you have learned about the theory from this article/chapter; and how you could use it in your essay (one paragraph)

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