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Benkhelifa, E., Hani, A. B., Welsh, T., Mthunzi, S., & Guegan, C. G. (2019). Virtual Environments Testing as a Cloud Service: A Methodology for Protecting and Securing Virtual InfrastructuresIEEE Access7, 108660-108676.

The study investigates the testing of cloud services. It puts forth the essence of protecting and securing virtual infrastructure. The study indicates that the information technology infrastructure has transitioned to cloud-based and virtualized platforms. That increases the need for testing the virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure to ensure their security. Specifically, the study explores the various ways that may be used in testing cloud-based and virtualized infrastructure. That is attributed to the difficulty of testing the virtualized infrastructure. The study is relevant in my research as it will be used as a secondary source of data. It will be used to foster the importance of testing virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure so that one may come up with the most effective security measures. 

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Chandramouli and Chandramouli. (2016) investigates the secure virtual network configurations that may be used in the effective protection of virtue machines. The study stipulates that virtual machines as the end node of the virtual networks thus increasing the need of securing them. The study discusses network path redundancy, traffic control using firewalls, network segmentation, and virtual machine traffic monitoring. The processes may be used in promoting the security of virtual machines. This study is relevant to my research paper as it outlines the possible ways that can be used in promoting the security of virtual machines. It will also be used as a source of data in the research.

Halverson, C. (2016). PowerCLI Essentials. Packt Publishing Ltd.

Halverson (2016) analyzes PowerCLI in great depth. PowerCLI is a command-line interface based on PowerShell. It is used by VMware Inc., an American software company. It is used to manage the vSphere cloud computing platform. VMware was one of the companies that successfully virtualized their *86 architecture. That indicates that the PowerCLI is used by the company in maintaining the security of its cloud system. Halverson (2016) researches the features of PowerCLI and explains them in the book. The book is an important source of information on how the security of virtual firmware may be promoted. Thus it is helpful in my research and will be used to provide significant information. 

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Sharma, M., Husain, S., & Ali, S. (2017). Cloud computing risks and recommendations for security. The study exploits the risks that are faced in cloud computing and the relevant recommendations for ensuring security in cloud computing. Cloud computing has offered improved scalability, business agility, elasticity, reduced management costs, just-in-time availability of resources, and faster start-up time. Due to the numerous benefits that cloud computing has for businesses, the potential risks need to be identified so that they may be mitigated. The study is relevant and accurate as it promotes the formulation of security measures to use n cloud computing. When adopted, such measures will boost the security of cloud computing. The study is relevant to my research as it will help to identify the potential security measures that might be implemented to achieve security in cloud computing.

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Yao, J., & Zimmer, V. (2020). Virtual Firmware. In Building Secure Firmware (pp. 459-491). Apress, Berkeley, CA.

Yao and Zimmer (2020) investigate the need for the formulation of security designs in virtual firmware. The book explains that a hypervisor is used in creating four domains that are used as virtual firmware. They host the guest OS. That promotes the need for coming up with a security protocol for virtue firmware. The authors are correct as with the advancement of technology, virtual firmware faces a bigger risk. The book is relevant in my research as it will help develop some potential security measures that may be used to protect virtual firmware. Additionally, it will provide more information about firmware thus enabling it easily understandable. 

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