Are you spending too much time on your device? Studies prove that you won’t have much time to finish your homework.

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In recent years, it has been observed that most of the students spend ample of their time on the phone. A study that has been conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that when students spend at least two hours of their day surfing on their tablet or smartphone, the chances of finishing their homework on time diminishes by 23 percent. Students who are not addicted to their phone and spend less than 2 hours on phone, they are more likely to finish their homework on time.

Hence, your parents are correct when they tell you to put your phone down and spend the same time in finishing your homework. They also complain that too much addiction to phones is the prime reason for not doing your homework on time.  At times, it becomes more important for you to check out the pictures of your friends on Facebook and Instagram and thus you neglect your homework to a great extent. So, this is also seen as one of the negative effects of technology on a student’s life.

Excessive Technology Plays the Role of A Devil And Hinders in The growth of Your Studies

There are many negative impacts of the use of excessive technology. You can suffer from poor memory and bad social skills. However, let us try to understand the findings of AAP first. The National Survey of Children’s Health had collected some data in 2011-12. The same data was analyzed by the expert doctors from Brown University and they conducted a research to understand the average media consumption of students. The homework habits of around 64,000 thousand students were analyzed with age limit between 6 and 17 years. It has been further analyzed that students who spent around 4-6 hours on phones have fewer chances of finishing their homework. Students who spent more than 6 hours on digital services, they have lesser chances of finishing their homework.

Are you spending too much time on your device? Studies prove that you won’t have much time to finish your homework.

The below-mentioned points are some of the negative impacts of technology on a student’s life and education:

  • Excessive Technology Can Make You Foolish: A group of researchers has proved that too much use of technology can make you dumber. A research was carried out in which 300 people volunteered.  Half of the participants were asked to read a story that was presented in a PDF format and the other half were asked to read from original books. Then, they were tested what they had learned. It was found that those who read from books got 66 % of correct answers while the other half had 48% of answers correct.
  • Too Much Technology Results In Decreased Memory: In the journal Psychology Today, it has been published that if you constantly remain busy with your devices from your childhood days, it can actually change the way you think and thus result in decreased memory. Although video games are beneficial at times, it can be more harmful than its benefits.

There is a negative impact of technology on education, however, technology has some benefits as well that is beneficial for the students.

The students should know how to use these gadgets in a controlled way. You should know how to use it so that it does not cause negativities in your life.

  • Gadgets Can Help You Learn

For some students, textbooks can be really boring. It might not motivate you and help you learn. However, unlike textbooks,  gadgets can really motivate students and increase their concentration. As per research conducted by the US Department of Education’s website, most of the teachers have observed that students are more interested to learn through gadgets and it also improves their interests.

  • Plays As a Source of Information

It is not possible to go visit the library whenever you have a doubt in your mind or when your teacher asks you to find out the meaning of some words from a dictionary. At times, you need instant solutions and at those times the digital devices could be of great help. Through online devices, you can gather a lot of information whenever there is a need which can actually be very useful while doing assignments.

  • Technology Can Help You To Be Future Ready

As a student grows up, he will eventually choose his profession or career. No matter whichever profession you take up, technology is going to be a part and parcel of it. You should know how to use the digital devices optimally. The use of technology will help you to deal with problems in the future and especially at the workplaces. It will also help you to coordinate with your colleagues and workmates.

The fact is digital devices can be a true friend of yours however you should know when to keep your smartphone away and start working on your homework.

However, you might find it difficult to put your smartphones down and work on your homework. At that time, we can be helpful for you as we have some tips that can help you complete your homework.

These tips or perks have been shared by renowned experts and teachers and these are termed as methods that can help you stay focused on your homework to become successful.

1. Decrease the use of Digital Devices

All you have to do is limit the consumption of media. It means you cannot put off your smartphone totally however you need to practice gradually to keep it away from you during some times of the day. It will be a gradual and slow process and you have to promise yourself that you are not going to use it for more than two hours a day. Sometimes, if you require technology for learning, you should also cut it down and try to use the traditional methods of learning which will help you stay focused.

2. Music Can Help Bring Back Focus

It is a proven fact that music can help bring your focus back. First and foremost, it works wonders to your concentration levels and at times it also soothes your mind. However, you should remember that rock or loud pop music might not be helpful for you as it distracts you from completing your homework.  Classical music is best for you as it will help increase your concentration levels.

3. Distractions need to be blocked

We all know that distractions are sheer wastage of your time.  And you don’t want those things which can finally play the role of a hindrance while you sit down to do your homework. Also, remember that social media is not only the hindrance that you need to block. There are different video games, online shopping sites that need to be blocked as well. There are other sites too which can be the cause of distractions.  Hence to keep a track of them you can use the app Rescue Time. It will give you a record of the frequently visited sites and also give you details about them.

4. Finding The Perfect Time For Doing your Work

Always remember there is no perfect time to do your homework. You have to find your own time and find out the perfect time for yourself simply by trial and error method. There must be an ideal time for you when your focus and concentration reach a peak. It could be dawn or afternoon or even at night when you can have the best levels of your concentration.

5. Use A Guest Account

It is recommended not to use your primary account to sign in to your computer when you are studying or finishing your homework. Rather, it would be good if you could just log out of your email and log in as a guest user. If you log in as a guest user, you will not be getting the notifications which be a distractor for you and disturb you while you are finishing your homework. This can help bring you back on track and improve your concentration levels.

6. Keep your Room Clutter-Free

When you were a child, your mother used to tell you to keep your study room clean. And she was actually correct. When you sit to study on a cluttered table, it actually lowers your concentration levels since a lot of time goes in finding the material if your table remains cluttered. For instance, if you are working on your math homework and your English book is cluttered on the table then it might cause distraction and you might leave your homework midway. Hence, you should keep an organized desk and it should have the books that you actually need and working on.

7. Don’t Jump Instantly Into Homework-Mode

It is not possible for any more to jump from the entertainment mode to the homework mode all of a sudden. This is a drastic change and you would always need some time to adjust to this drastic change. Now, when you want to do your homework, first flip through the pages of your books casually.  Doing this will help you prepare yourself for the forthcoming task. Try another method where you simply re-copy your notes so that you get into the mood of doing your homework. Recopying will help you brush up your skills and learn what is being taught in school.

8. Read Out Your Homework

If you find that you are constantly struggling to complete your homework, what you should do is you can read out your homework loud. This will help your mind to concentrate as it will have no other option. For example: if you are not able to understand a Maths problem, then what you do is read aloud the steps and this can help you concentrate. You can also whisper and read out the steps in your mind which will eventually increase your concentration levels.

9. Don’t Overdose Yourself With Caffeine

We all know that a cup of coffee is good for improving your concentration levels and it can also improve your efficiency and productivity levels. But do not overconsume as more than 4 cups a day can actually cause a hindrance to your concentration levels. You can become hyperactive if you have large doses of caffeine and you won’t be able to concentrate. Hence, do not have excessive cups of coffee which might be a bit extra for you.

10. Give Yourself A Time Limit

It is always advisable to set a time limit to complete a certain work. If you put a time limit, it will help your brain to work at full speed and you can finish your work well ahead of time.  When you set a timer, do not overestimate the time that you would need to complete your work. Do not look at the timer every few minutes as this will lower your levels of concentration and also prevent your focus.

We are very hopeful that the above-mentioned tips will help you complete your homework and you will be able to achieve focus and will not get distracted.  You should remember that technology is very significant and can help you achieve success but you should know how to use it in the proper way. Hence, you should use the digital devices in a controlled way and do not use it excessively to achieve the maximum out of it.

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