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Every decision has a consequence. It is the mandate of every decision-maker to assess the result of the course of action they take on the matter and decide accordingly. In making decisions that involve other people, some guidelines must be followed. These guidelines must take into account the considerations of the whole community or close friends and family. It is morally and justly upright to consider the affairs of the majority in the society; thus, I vindicate that a whole community should be considered first over select individuals or family and friends when making a particular decision involving all parties.


In Dzubay’s essay, for example, she laments over some parents’ irrational and selfish actions that led to an outbreak of the deadly disease; measles. There was an outbreak of measles in Disneyland and a spike in the illness worldwide that caused a public outburst. The blame was directed to parents and individuals who advocated against having children vaccinated. Some parents who had visited Disney land ‘the happiest place on earth with their children were against the vaccine citing several reasons such as side effects and severe health risks the vaccine had on children. Their reasons cannot be outrightly dismissed. However, not vaccinating their children posed a significant threat to the whole community. These parents prove that their decision against their children’s vaccination is a selfish thought that would consequently be disastrous to very many people. It would be equally devastating to them since their kids are also at risk in the event of the outbreak. Those parents’ decisions did not consider future repercussions, which affected the whole community and themselves equally.

In some instances, people might consider their well-being or that of their loved ones over the community when they feel obliged to that. For example, some parents, mostly from the elite, affluent, and educated, have malicious reasons for not participating in communal immunization of measles. Such personal decisions may come to haunt them personally if things go south, just as it happened in Disneyland, an outbreak of the disease due to lack of vaccination. Generally, wealthy, privileged individuals are more predisposed to question their medical expert endorses, do their research online, and be more confident in their own beliefs and findings than those underprivileged and not educated. To be inquisitive and ask questions about the effectiveness or safety of a vaccine is not an issue; it is, in fact, wise and recommendable. Though some of their fears may be valid, many are unwarranted.

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Nonetheless, many of them are selfish and do not base their decisions on guidelines that prioritize the community before individuals or select persons. The outbreak of the disease portrayed those parents against immunization as people with no regard to community concerns, the same community they live in. The outcome of their decisions was a bitter pill to swallow for them as it exposed their selfish behaviour. Therefore, it was wise for them to consider the whole community first over that of their children since the repercussion would also affect them or their families just as it happened during the outbreak. 

Social cohesion and cooperation are essential in every community to ensure people live in peace and solidarity. This is guaranteed by everyone being mindful of others’ affairs before taking action in every activity or decision. These actions should be taken with consideration of the whole community and might require an individual to make a personal sacrifice on behalf of the community as a whole. However, sometimes it may need a person to make selfish decisions for their own sake to a certain degree.

The same concept applies to various areas of life in society. For example, in a pandemic such as the Coronavirus today. Since there is no vaccine yet, the control of the virus is an essential task. Significant steps and decisions have been taken to combat the virus’s spread, including imposing strict restrictions on movement and gatherings. Therefore, these new rules meant that some people’s livelihood and lifeways had to be altered and affected, which was not welcome news to the affected parties. These new rules include restrained interaction with people if one suspects they are infected with the virus. However, most people have decided to throw caution into the wind and still carry out their usual activities. There have been reports of the massive spread of a disease where an infected person did not isolate themselves but instead went to their job station and spread the virus to their mates. Such a person may be obliged to fend for their family by reporting to their workstation, but this would significantly risk other society members. 

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On account of that, that person’s decision to remain isolated or go to work should consider the majority; the community. It is unfortunate for those who will be negatively impacted, but the majority will be rescued. This is the sacrifice a person should make for the sake of the community and their own sake since, in the event of a spike in the virus, it would affect them personally and even their family and loved ones. Therefore, decision-makers are asked with following guidelines that put the whole community’s affairs before any individual or group.

Medical and health matters are very critical and delicate issues that require extensive deliberation and consideration. Another reason to put the community first in decision-making, especially on immunization, is the process’s effectiveness. Deciding to immunize the whole community or the majority presents the concept of ‘herd immunity.’ This means that when most of the population is vaccinated, the small population that did not get vaccinated will remain secure from the disease. The general public is safeguarded against the disease because they are directly protected and still indirectly protect those not vaccinated since the spread is curtailed. It is thus important to put consideration of the whole community, not select individuals, and in doing so, combat the disease. In the same school of thought as Dzubay, I also contend that.  

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 Past regret, when it comes to taking decisive actions and making proactive decisions, the decision-maker is tasked with considering the community’s interests first over an individual. From the discussion and examples presented above, it is thus outright, similar to Sarah Dzubay’s position in her essay An outbreak Of Irrational, that guidelines followed in making decisions should ensure consideration of the community comes before that of individuals. 


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