ASS066-1 Understanding the Human Services

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2. Assessment & Guidelines – Assignment 2


Students will work in groups up to 5 students and produce an individual filmed oral presentation to show how a service-user group with a protected characteristic has its needs responded to by different areas of the human services. A 500-word Individual Reflective Account will be produced by each student providing a reflection on the strengths and limitations of their individual film presentation.


  • Students will write a 500-word Individual Reflective Account providing an analysis of the strengths and limitations of their performance in the individual film presentation.

You should reflect on:

  • What did I do well in my presentation?
  • What could have I done better in my presentation?
  • Did I speak clear and loud enough?
  • Was my body language appropriate?
  • Given the short allocation of time I had to talk, did I organise my script in a consistent and straightforward way?
  • If I had to do the same task again, which aspects of my performance would I be trying to improve?
  • Write your Individual Reflective Account (500 words) – use the template provided on BREO (under the Assignment 2 Folder)
  • You are encouraged to use the 1st person as you are reflecting on your own experience
  • You MUST insert the references you used in your Audio-Video Presentation in the List of References of your Reflective Account.
  • Please use the template for your Individual Reflective Account uploaded in the Assessment & Feedback Folder
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