ASS071-1 Law Society and Controversy

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Accounting Theory and Current Issue

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subjects and issues to do with the UK legal system with particular relevance to different types of law

2. Apply knowledge to the interpretation and application of legislation and case law in contemporary society

You are expected to choose a social group (such as the elderly, young people, asylum seekers, women, disabled children etc.) and identify an area of discrimination faced by your chosen group. This has to be an area of discrimination and not a social issue. For example, child abuse, FGM, elder abuse in care homes etc are social issues BUT not areas of discrimination. You should be able to show that your social group are facing unequal treatment in specific areas. You will also need to identify ONE area of discrimination they face. For example, you cannot say asylum seekers face discrimination in the world. You will need to identify one area that they face discrimination.

You will then need to research the relevant legislation, which covers this area of discrimination as well as case law, evidencing how these laws are applied in practice. For example, young Black men are a social group, and an area of discrimination they face could be ‘stop and search’. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 is a relevant legislation and the case of R (on the application of Roberts) (Appellant) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis and another (Respondents) [2015] UKSC 79 is an example of case law.

This is a report, which must be written following the academic conventions of writing a report as follows:

  • Title Section
  • Abstract
  • Section one 500 words – Introduction and background –

Here, you will identify your social group, and the area of discrimination they are facing. You will need to be clear about what the issue is, and support this with evidence, and giving definitions of terms and providing a background of the issue. You will need to draw on academic sources as well as any other relevant source of information.

  • Section two 500 words- Legislation

This section will cover legislation and you are expected to identify two pieces of legislation in relation to the issue you are discussing and discuss this, clearly linking the law to your social group and the area of discrimination.

  • Section two 500 words- Case law

This section will cover case law. You are expected to identify two cases using WestLaw (and not using newspaper articles) and discuss them.

  • Section four-Conclusion

This is where you will bring it all together. You will need to summarize what you have said about the social group and the discrimination you have found that they face, and discuss how this is influenced by both the legislation and the interpretation of law by the courts.

  • You will need to draw on a minimum of six academic sources. This includes journal articles and books, including books on your reading list.
  • Legislation and case law must be cited correctly.
  • You are allowed a 10% lee way above and below with the word count.

Threshold Expectations

  • Show an understanding of the conventions of report formatting in preparing your own report.
  • Research controversy and the law, with regards to an area of discrimination in society, in developing content for the report
  • Focus the content of the report in line with the requirements of the assignment brief and submit the coursework on time

You are expected to follow the conventions of report formatting in structuring the assignment.

Your introduction must be clear and precise, showing a very good understanding of the social group as well as the area of discrimination you have selected. The information you present should be factual and correctly evidenced.

The legislation(s) you identify should be relevant to the area of discrimination e.g. ‘gender pay gap and Equality Act 2010. Remember that the Equality Act 2010 replaces a number of legislation so your focus is the Equality Act.The case precedent must be correctly cited and discussed. This must NOT be from newspaper articles or websites.

Your discussion should clearly show how the law is being interpreted in practice and the effect that this has on the social group you have identified.

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