ASS099-2 The Social Sciences at Work

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ASS099-2 The Social Sciences at Work

1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding:

Employment opportunities related to your subject area and interests and the skills, knowledge, experience and attributes that are required to work in these contexts
2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities To be self-reflective about your personal skills, attributes and abilities and how these compare with what is required for your future employment

What am I required to do in this assignment?
The essay is reflective but the delivery must be academic and professional – avoid the temptation to reduce ‘reflection’ to a conversation. A portfolio which contains:
 Introduction –
 Your graduate destination – What? Why? etc. Seek guidance to ensure it is a graduate level role. If you are looking at post graduate
vocational training – such as teacher training, social work – then you need to look for the ‘qualified role’ and look at the steps to
the qualified role. If you want to be a Social worker – what client group? If you want to be a nurse? Which area of nursing?
 Role analysis – history, trends, etc. NOT a history of the job role but an awareness of the current issues facing professionals in the
role – for example police and child trafficking, Education and special needs etc
 A current job description and person specification of your ideal job – Appendix 1 DO NOT UPLOAD A LINK AS THE JOB MAY HAVE

 Reflection – what you already have – skills and experience and what you will need to get in order to meet the person specification.
Having identified any gaps in our skills / experience create a PDP (below)
 Personal Development Plan – this must be in a grid format, with 5 objectives, each objective must be SMART. The PDP is your plan to achieve the objectives required in the job description you have used.
 CV and covering letter as if you were seeking employment – these must be academic and professional and create a linkedin
account that must be included on your CV
 References – min 10 (but only 3 are websites)


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