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General guidance notes:
1. You are required to write a two parts (Part A and B) report.
2. Each part will be written in a different format (Part A – report; Part B – risk assessment).
3. The impact report (Part A) requires you to identify ONE event or ONE festival of your choosing and focus solely on that.
4. To give yourself enough material, resources, and scope to write a report, it is recommended that you choose an event of an appropriate size.
5. The risk assessment (Part B) is written in the style of a template (see HSE guidance).
6. Part A – 2000 words (+/- 10%); Part B (Risk Assessment) – approx.. 300-750 words as guidance

Part A – Impact report: Guidance
Events and festivals have many impacts (positive and negative) upon different stakeholders, with different degrees of intensity. An event organiser must be aware of these. You should choose ONE event or ONE festival and outline its most significant negative impacts. Furthermore, you should make suggestions on how these impacts might be remedied.

Part A should be written in a report format and should include:

● Clear identification of the event or festival
● Clear identification of relevant negative impacts
● Identification of key stakeholders impacted upon
● Relevant and appropriate remediation of impacts
● Reference to appropriate examples in the case study you have chosen
● Use of appropriate grammar, punctuation, and syntax
● Clear, consistent, and correct referencing using the Harvard system
● Use of supporting resources/literature (reports, academic publications, media sources)

Part B Risk assessment: Guidance

Consider the following scenario:

A one-day music event is planned by a local village centred around one stage with small-scale lighting and PA/sound system. The event will take place in a farmer’s field, accessed via a country lane nearby to the village. There will be limited parking adjacent to the event. The event takes place in a dark zone. The event also includes a small number of
food/alcohol outlets and has an operating licence up until 11.30pm. A mixed demographic numbering approx. 300 people will attend the event.

You should complete a risk assessment form equivalent to the format and template used by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Some ideas for consideration are listed on the sites below. Complete the form template with appropriate suggestions for remediation/solving the identified risks. Though you may have to fictionalise some of the details, you must do so in a relevant and appropriate manner.

Your risk assessment should fulfil the following criteria and the above given scenario:

● Creation and correct use of a risk assessment template similar to those recommended by the HSE
● Appropriate summary of setting and context of analysis as per HSE risk assessment template
● Clear identification of reasonable risks relevant to the scenario
● Calculation of risk rating/likelihood index
● Clear identification of who might be responsible
● Use of appropriate grammar, punctuation, and syntax
● Clear, consistent, and correct referencing, using the Harvard system
● Use of supporting resources/literature (reports, legislation, academic sources, media)

Please note: The event described above is NOT taking place during the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore the risk assessment should be completed assuming that any social distancing or other Covid-19 measures have been lifted. Please follow the usual HSE and government advice – further information can be found on the websites listed below.

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