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 Assessment 1
For our first assessment, you are required to write an essay focusing on children's behaviour. You will select two videos to examine and critique, which will inform your essay.

1. Choose two videos from the following:
ECE: Please note that the link may take you to the library page that prompts you to enter your Curtin/Oasis credentials. You should then be redirected to the Videatives homepage, where you may be prompted to log in with a username and password. Please note that both username and password are 'humanities'. Once you log in, you will be directed to the video. Should you have any issues accessing the videos in this way, please open the Curtin University library homepage and select 'databases' from the menu on the right-hand side – you will be redirected to the databases page, where you can search for 'Videatives' under the letter 'V' – you can then search for the relevant video within the database.
Teachers TV- Ignoring Disruptive Behaviour Primary Special Needs Tackling Challenging Behaviour 2 Teachers TV- ADHD in the Mainstream Teachers TV: Tackling Challenging Behaviour 1

2. Write an essay which critiques the videos and the approaches taken, responding to the following (in no particular order):

 Discuss in general terms how educators and the environment can influence children’s behaviour.
 Provide a one-paragraph description of the videos you are critiquing, including their titles and URLs, and the key conflict/disruption(s) occurring.
 Compare and contrast the views and approaches in the videos with those described in readings from this unit.

 Discuss how different beliefs about children and children’s behaviour could affect a response to this situation.
 Using unit readings, propose recommendations that address the following:
o Identify strategies a teacher could use in responding to a child in this setting who consistently displays behaviour that is challenging.
o List the things you consider important to know and understand about individual children in order to work with them effectively, particularly when they display challenging behaviour.
o Suggest how a teacher would initiate, develop and maintain meaningful relationships with the children in the settings shown in the videos.
o Identify strategies that you would include in a policy on guiding children’s behaviour in the settings shown in the videos.

3. Ensure that your essay meets the following presentation and formatting requirements:

 Word count: 3000 words (+/- 10%)
 Use headings to structure your essay
 Format with 11pt Arial or Times New Roman font
 1.5 line spacing
 Justified alignment
 APA 6 th  edition referencing conventions (
 Submit as a Word document or PDF

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