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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Due date: Week 5 (Friday, midnight, Darwin Time)
Value: 25%
Length: Maximum 2000 words

Write a business proposal for an organisation or business based in Australia. You may have any of the following perspectives:

1 Focus on a real business issue/concern that is facing the organisation and recommendations to solve the problem. (You may be directly involved in this issue or may have access to the information clearly)
2 Focus on enhancing the business opportunities for an existing Australian business
3 Focus on building a new business venture in Australia (A new proposal for any business sector in Australia).

The structure of the proposal is as follows.

1. Information on the organization,
2. the issue being investigated or the new business enhancement proposal, or the new business proposal topic
3. Estimated costs (in real terms – Australian Dollars) with evidence to support the same
4. Timelines (When will this proposal be implemented, and how long will it take to complete).
5. Benefit/rationale of the proposal
6. Your proposed involvement in this project (or current involvement).
7. Recommendations (clear forward plans)
8. References

The assessment criteria is given in the rubrics for the assessment item.

Note: In this proposal, the references are to be provided as either footnotes or end-notes only and not as in-text references.


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