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Lobbying is a highly regarded public relations tactic. Lobbying allows practitioners in all sectors of practice to  attempt to influence the outcome of government decisions on behalf of the organisation or client you represent.

Your task in this assessment is to write a position paper outlining your concerns to the federal government about the  planned entry of Amazon into Australia in

This task requires you to present your assessment as a positon paper.

Similar to a debate, a position paper summarises a supported argument about a particular issue, in this case  Amazon’s entry into Australia. The goal of a position paper is to convince the reader that your opinion is valid and defensible. You will achieve this by developing a clear argument and supporting it with references to the theories,  ideas and concepts you have encountered in the subject materials and readings to date.

Your position paper should include the following sections:

1. Stating the issue: Describe the issue clearly and your three key messages around this issue.

State your position clearly and introduce three key messages to communicate to the CEO of the ACCC on the issue.

Remember your key messages are the essential points you need him or her to remember from your position paper. The key messages will underpin the ACCC’s response to stakeholders on the proposed entry of Amazon into Australia.

2. Background: Provide pertinent information on the issue to provide a context for the reader as to why this is  important for theg overnment to consider the ACCC’s viewpoint.

This section should include relevant background information to support your position. Provide only a brief overview of the ACCC and Amazon in this section. Your focus needs to be on the argument, supported by references, rather than the organisation.

3. Position: State the ACCC’s position clearly and the justification and rationale for that stance.

This section should make your recommended position to the ACCC very clear for the reader supported by your knowledge and understanding of tactics and their role within a communication strategy.

4. Recommendations: Propose three recommendations for the government to consider in relation to the entry of Amazon into the Australian retail market.

This section should explain your three recommendations for the ACCC to consider about this issue.

A recommendation is a suggested course of action for each of the problems discussed earlier in your paper.

Remember each recommendation needs to be supported by scholarly references to support your position. For  example:

It is recommended that the ACCC take immediate measures to develop a proactive media relations campaign in relation to Amazon’s entry into the Australian market. Chia and Synnott (2012) suggest a proactive approach will assist the ACCC in developing stronger relationships with consumer media in particular which will offset the need to react to media coverage that is inaccurate or damaging.

5. Bibliography. This task is to be presented in the format of a position paper and your research and arguments need to be supported with appropriate references and citations following APA style. The link to the 6th edition of APA is

Don’t forget to reference both ACCC and media sources both as in-text citations and in your bibliography.

For example the in-text citation should look like this: 

The ACCC promotes competition and fair trade in markets to benefit consumers, businesses, and the community. We also regulate national infrastructure services (ACCC, 2017).

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