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ASS142-3 - SASS Change Maker Research Dissertation Help

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of this project is to examine the interaction between an innovation, the implementing entrepreneur, and the environmental considerations affecting the innovation’s introduction, implementation and success. This is a literature review so must be structured in that way and draw on 10 or so journal articles from entrepreneurship, innovation, business enterprise, small business venture type journals and texts.


As an individual you select awell-knownentrepreneur (or entrepreneurial team if you wish) who has been responsible for the successful introduction of an innovation anywhere in the world, there are many examples, eg Sir Richard Branson, Kerry Packer, Steve Jobs or even from far history eg the inventor of the Telephone or IBM. Entrepreneurs fromChina, Taiwan, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Singapore,India, Philippines or other parts of Asia are important to focus on or from your country and culture.The person does not have to be famous. The innovation may have resulted in a new start-up venture or it may have been introduced within an established organization or a major change e.g. Google or Facebook. Any organization, empire, medical breakthrough, product or application that captures your interest can be used as your example. Describe the person characteristics, the market and opportunity, the economic,
cultural, social andorganizational context, the business and value proposition and how these interacted  with the person qualities that led to this innovation and success. For the industry context, you can choose private/public, for profit/not for profit, charitable, semi-government, start-up, spin-off or any other form of industry including education, welfare or social or environmental innovations that have bought benefit. Link your observations and explanation about this innovator or entrepreneur to the literature that explains their success or opportunities. The important task here is analyse the situation by referring to scholarly work.

Writea Literature Review of any aspect of Innovation and Entrepreneurship that explains the Case Study or Person you have selected.

  • Identify the background that led to the emergence of the opportunity for the innovation,
  • Explain how, and by whom, the opportunity was recognized,
  • Briefly outline the innovation itself,
  • Describe the entrepreneur or lead team that was responsible for the implementation of the innovation. This description should concentrate on the key capabilities or competencies and actions that were critical for the innovation’s commercialization and subsequent implementation.
  • Clearly identify why the innovation was successful.
  • Support your observations by linking with the literature; that is use articles from referee journals to examine and explain the phenomena.
  • The articles will not likely be written on the case or person, though you might find some. More likely you will general understanding from the theory and practice of entrepreneurship applied to this situation. So you will be generalising theory and empirical literature to your case study.
  • In doing so you will be able to explain, and demonstrate your understanding of how current knowledge of entrepreneurship theory and practice builds your knowledge of entrepreneurial experiences.
  • Essential to apply APA or Harvard Referencing style

Length: Written Essay of 2500 Words (not including references)

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