Assessment Task 2: Project Appraisal Report

Posted on April 3, 2023 by Cheapest Assignment

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Unit 42: Project Management for Business

(Group Assessment)

Weighting of final grade: 50%
Related course learning outcomes: 2, 3, 4

Description: You will submit a group report on your work assessing the feasibility of an engineering design and development project. You need to apply the economics and non-economics based appraisal techniques to assess the viability of the proposed project.

Due Date: Week 12 (4pm Friday 14th October)

Group of 5 students.
Specific tasks to be covered in the report:

  • Introduction
  • Problem diagnosis (What is the problem? What are the contexts of the project? Who are the major stakeholders? What are the interests of stakeholders?)
  • Project goal articulations (what are the goals/objectives/constraints?)
  • Project technical description
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Non-economic impact assessment
  • Decision making and recommendation

Length of the report: no more than 30 pages

Assessment Rubric:

  1. Presentation of the report (including format, use of language, length etc.) (10%)
  2. Adequacy of research carried out (20%)
  3. Content (specific tasks covered): (60%)
  4. Conclusions (10%)
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