ASSIGNMENT 3: Family Assessment Report

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This 1750-word case study report requires students to prepare an initial assessment of a given case study family; outline a plan for work with the family; and provide a reflective account of their own reactions, values and issues relevant to the situation presented.
The case studies will be the same as utilised in the second assessment (simulation) for continuity and case planning purposes.

In this report, students will:

  • Prepare an initial assessment report, which will include sub-headings;
  • Outline their plan for work with the family, including a justification of the choice of ongoing work based on their assessment / evidence;
  • Provide a reflective account of their own reactions, values and issues related to the situation presented.

Social work practice with families is partly informed by a worker’s personal experience (their personal values and ethics), professional values and ethics, the context of practice, their role in their agency, perspectives, theories, approaches, models and strategies of family work as well as the needs and expectations of families. This assessment asks the student to develop an example of a social worker’s work with a family that demonstrates their understanding of the connections and interrelationships between these varying influences.

Your report needs to include:

  • A description of the family, their stated and perceived needs and current circumstances. This can be included as an appendix if needed.
  • Conceptualisation of the family’s situation using the theory/theories or models of your choice, that you see as relevant to understanding the family’s situation and needs. Ensure you provide a rationale for the use of these theories/models, and their potential strengths and limitations for use with this family.
  • A plan for ongoing work with the family. Ensure you provide a clear rationale for your plan for ongoing work with the family.
  • A reflective account of the ethical considerations specific to you working as a social worker with this family, which may include analysis of your own values, privilege, power, professional commitments and a plan to try and ensure ethical practice.

This unit requires you to use the APA 7th Edition referencing system.

Assessment 3 – Family report marking criteria (Total marks / 40)

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