Assignment 3 ICT710

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Assessment and Submission Details

Marks: 40% of the Total Assessment for the Course

Assignment 3 ICT710

Goal: To analyse an ICT business case study using a chosen ethical analysis framework.
Product: Case study analysis
Format: Report Question

3000 word report.

The case study below provides a summary of what Telstra has done in its quest to move from a conservative engineering based company to a fast-paced digital one.  You are to write a 3000 word report that addresses the ethical implications of this change.  You are also asked to identify if there is any use of decision support systems and/or business analytics within Telstra and how these data analysis tools could be used to achieve a competitive advantage.  You are also asked to indicate what IT governance and IT standards are needed for these innovations.


This is an individual assessment and needs to be submitted electronically through SafeAssign.

Criteria ·         Demonstrate an awareness of the ethical implications of digital disruption to businesses

·         Identify the positive and negative implications of the use of Decision support systems and Business analytics

·         Analyse the case using one preferred framework for ethical analysis

·         Demonstrate an awareness of the use of data analysis tools and the competitive advantage that can be achieved through their development and usage.

·         Demonstrate an awareness of IT governance and IT standards and frameworks


Generic skill assessed Skill assessment level
Communication Graduate
Problem solving Graduate

Hi5019 Strategic Information Systems For Business And Enterprise

Task No. Assessment Tasks Individual or Group




What is the duration / length? When should I submit? Where should I submit it? Hurdle



3 Case Study Analysis Individual 40% 3000 words Week 12, SafeAssign No

Review of e-Learning materials

It is suggested that the report should be structured using the following headings  as a guide (3000 words)

  1. Title (use the case study title);
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Table of Contents
  4. List of Abbreviations and assumptions made
  5. Introduction – Purpose of the report
  6. Background
  7. Framework for analysis
  8. Assessment of ethical consequences
  9. Recommendations
  10. Conclusion  (Summarises the analysis and report findings)
  11. Reference list using Harvard referencing.


Marketing and sustainability

Write a 3000 word case study report that researched the following case study.


The 24/7 Telstra app and crowdsupport platform have revolutionised how Telstra relates to its customers.

At the forefront of societal and economic change, telecommunications and media companies sit squarely in the ‘Short fuse, Big bang’ quadrant of Deloitte’s Digital Disruption Map.

In 2010, the company knew it had to extend its origins as a conservative engineering culture to a fast-paced digital one. Telstra Digital was formed.

Sourcing some of the best digital talent in the market, its critical mass now comprises one of the biggest and best digital teams in the country.

Managing Organisational Design and Change (BHO0202)

Its move to a one platform and unified approach to information architecture was game-changing.

Successes include the Telstra 24×7 smartphone and tablet apps which deliver customer control to its 1.5 million regular users in the palm of their hands. Its CrowdSupport community is another channel through which Telstra has revolutionised the way it relates to, and services its customers.

Student Name

Assessment 3 ICT710

Weighting 40% 

Assessment Criteria:

To write a report outlining the ethical implications of changes that have occurred in a business due to digital innovation and to identify how competitive advantage can be maintained.

HI6006 Competitive strategy

Criteria Comments Possible Mark Mark awarded
Executive Summary: (1 page)   2  
1.      Background.  You must be brief and to the point (about 1 page). Use your own words – you mustn’t just reproduce the case here.   3  
2.      Framework for analysis – decide on and use an appropriate framework for analysis   10  
3.       Assessment of the ethical consequences of moving to a digital firm.  Your assessment must consider IT governance issues and what technologies can be used to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.  Your assessment must be supported by concepts and other material from the literature (text, readings, etc.).   10  
4.       Recommendations.  Provide recommendations on your assessment.  You must convince management to adopt your recommendations (i.e. ‘sell’ them to management).   5  
5.       Conclusions   5  
6.       References.  At the end of your report, you must provide a list of all cited references (using correct Harvard referencing style) (at least 5).   3  
7.       Presentation.  Grammar, punctuation, expression and presentation must be of a high standard.   2  
TOTAL 40  


MAA716 Financial Accounting

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