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Torrens University has shown rapid development in a very short period. Right from the time of inception, this University has shown improvement in every aspect of Education. Because they started operations in 2014, they had begun their journey in 2012. They took their time to set all the norms and this is the first University in Australia after 20 years. The variety of courses and top-class integration of technology makes them the best in the country.

Australia is one of the nations that offer diversified courses for national as well as international students. Lately, the modification of the course curriculum and integration of technology has taken the country to have many top class Universities. The healthy competition among them is the main reason for producing excellent candidates in the industry. Torrens forms a prominent part of the competition. The world-class University has many aspects that make them the best among many Universities in the world. 

Unit 4: Wider Professional Practice and Development in Education and Training

Organised Journey From the beginning

Torrens University has a very short history. But the crisp past has numerous advancements. As said earlier, the University came into existence in 2012. It is indeed a private University, which took two years to make their process concrete. They relied and still rely on the processes that have made them world-class. By 2014, operations began full-fledged. With 4 major campuses in the country that too in prominent cities like Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, they have 10,000 students studying right now. 

The centralised approach of all the centres has given them many rewards in terms of educational enhancement. The features were developed one by one with calculated efforts and minimal risks. This puts them on the list of Universities that have achieved a lot in their tenure. 

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The effort put towards starting a particular department and finalising the curriculum is impeccable. The focus of the University is to offer result-oriented programs and to date, they have had laser-beam focus towards that only. 

Torrens University has opened a campus in New Zealand, that offers mainly digital courses. That means to say, in 7 years they have 5 campuses that offer concrete courses for the students. 

Torrens University is ranked 36 in the country and has been listed in the top 6000 Universities in the world. This is a comprehensive feat for a very new University

Internet of Things

Thought-Provoking processes Make Torrens University the Best

The process of learning is made so wide, that a student can learn a course in many ways apart from the regular classes. Irrespective of the courses, the students are made industry ready and the streamlined processes ensure that happens every year. Right from the teaching methodology until the examination, there is always an element of uniqueness that they display. These unique factors always have given Torrens University, massive results. The top authorities of Torrens always look for process stability as they know that it ensures student success. 

One of the main learning processes is the writing of assignments. The University authorities and the Professors of Torrens know that writing an assignment can guarantee a lot of learning. The amount of research done in this aspect will enhance their knowledge base. The most important process in the learning process is the assignment submission. Of course, there is always support in this area. Either externally or internally, in any way, this is one concrete aspect that can raise the standard of the students. It is also proven from their records too.

S117 ACT301 Accounting Theory and Contemporary Issues

Concrete Courses Offered

When Torrens was formed, they wanted to limit the courses and offer the best. The reason for limiting is because of the manpower that they had. The University wanted to give the best in every course. The graduation or post-graduation that you do here has a high value because these courses underwent levels of scrutiny before being offered to the students. The area of study is kept in such a way that it covers the need of the future. 

The concreteness of the course also depends on the learning aspects. The University has its norms to set assignment work for the students that helps them learn a lot. The guidance you get from the staff or external sources is commendable. Most of the students look for external sources for professional help. And that is always fine with the University. Gaining knowledge by doing things practically is always considered worthy.

Main Reasons to Choose Torrens University

The name is enough to know the reputation the University holds. It is a prominent Varsity in Australia. The students who have graduated from here are in prime positions in the world. The University has gained its name through consistent effort. 

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The outlook of result-oriented courses makes them the best. Every course offered by Torrens University has a sure result in the form of a formidable career. Any student who graduates is either employed before their course gets over or immediately after their graduation. This is one of the prime reasons for students to join Torrens University.

The skilled teaching staff make learning memorable. This is a commendable feat by the University to bring the world of knowledge to the students. The experience that they have and the methodologies that they use makes the students learn things faster. At the same time, you are allowed to learn with great flexibility.

The price plan for the courses is kept affordable. This is done to increase the student admission rates and also to offer proper education to all. Torrens are not only named for National students, they have a wider international student connect. 

Keeping all the factors aside, Torrens is focussing on developing prime knowledge among the students. The global community of top-class science and technology students have Torrens University students available in it. The research work carried out by the University not only helps the nation but also the entire world. The teaching staff and guest lecturers from various countries allow cultural differences to blend. The students are getting to learn the diversified methods used in technology in different countries.


That’s one of the reasons, assignment writing is also important. Learning in class is one factor, implementing it, is another factor. A person’s knowledge is improved only when he uses the knowledge in doing things. Torrens University gives that prime advantage to all the students. The help is always available for you to get it accomplished. It adds to your grade and the grades become the primary need for your excellence. Your decision is just a click away. Decide to join Torrens University and You will never regret it. All the Best!!!

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