Assignment on Essay Writing

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Assignment on Essay Writing


The assignment consists of a report of 2000 words on a topic related to systems and network security in new computing areas. the report should have a one-page cover, showing the title of the report, the author (and the authors affiliation), and the year (and month) the report is written. Following the front page of the report should be the table of contents. A report should be properly sectioned and sub-sectioned, with each section or sub-section preferably numbered. Although double-column is widely used in articles published in technical magazines, for this assignment, it is not necessary to use double-column and single-column must be used. References used in the report should be listed in References. Any reference style specified in may be used or students may use the reference style used in IEEE publications. References should be quoted in the main body of the report. Tables and diagrams need to be used in a report. They should be suitably captioned and described in the main body of the report.

Assignment on Essay Writing

Length: 2000 words

Curriculum Mode: Essay


Write a report of 2000 words on one and only one of the following assignment topics related to security in new computing areas:

A student must choose one of the above topics for the report. The written contents of the report can be divided into Introduction, Main Report Body and Conclusion. Refer to the followings with regards to scopes and contents which should be included in the Main Report Body.

The Main Report Body should consist of three parts:

  • Application: Detailed description of the chosen computing and application area, especially its unique features in its architectures and/or applications.
  • Security Problems: Security problems due to the unique features of the computing and application area should then be described in some details. Some of these security problems also exist in other computing areas, while other security problems exist due to the nature of the new computing area. Students should try to identify those security problems which are of particular concerns in the chosen computing and application area.
  • Security Solutions: Security solutions to the above security problems should be described in some details.

The report should consist of as much new materials as possible, in a sense that, materials which are covered in lectures of this unit should be treated as assumed knowledge and do not need to be described or explained in details in the report. For example in Cloud Computing Security, students must avoid covering security problems and solutions related to virtual machines, which are covered in one of the lecture topics.

Refer to the assignment specifications to be posted on vUWS for this unit for more details.

Resources: In general, as far as the contents of the report are concerned, examples of technical reports in systems and network security can be obtained from various technical magazines, transactions, and journals. These materials are widely available from the library especially via online access, for example, the IEEE Xplore Digital Library: Technical articles in the IEEE Communications Magazine are examples of technical reports in the postgraduate and professional levels in the areas of communications:

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