Australia Allows International Students to Return before All States Borders Are Open

Posted on January 24, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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The federal government has made changes in its previous rule where international students will not be permitted entry into states with internal border closures. After assessing the pandemic condition in Victoria, the government admitted that it needs a “ring of containment”. It will no longer need states to open their internal borders before permitting international students to come back to Australia.
On Tuesday, the health minister of Australia, Greg Hunt, said that the government admits that state border closures are essential due to the increasing incidents of Covid-19. Earlier, the government had given the order that the entry of foreign students won’t be permitted into states that have kept internal border closures. The government has now lifted its earlier rule.

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On Friday, a meeting took place with the secure corridor working group to talk about the situation for foreign students, that needed agreement from the federal as well as the territory government. A spokesperson from the education department told that requirements for the comeback of foreign students “comprise of the reopening of internal territory, and state borders within the country and the restart of on-campus learning to assist both foreign and the domestic students who are already in Australia.
The educational department also said that “strong health, border, quarantine, and provider protocols are needed to implement. On Tuesday, Greg Hunt said the central government has admitted the requirement for “rings of containment” in areas that includes north-west Tasmania, suburban regions, or a whole state whenever required. The outbreak is specifically confined to the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne. Looking at the challenging condition of Victoria, he told that the moment has come when we should take the step whenever necessary. This is the right time to believe that the triggers are met and the challenges have become essential. t is going to be implemented for only a certain duration until the situation comes under control.
Due to the current pandemic, it becomes very important to ensure proper administration of international borders. Our efforts will prevent the arrival of new cases in the country. Due to this reason, hotel quarantine is done. The federal government will not assert territories and states to again open their borders to Victoria. Borders of South Western, South Australia, Queensland, and Tasmania, are now closed to Victorians. Western Australia has shut its border to everybody.

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The ACT has not prohibited travel from Victoria till now. It will levy two-week isolation on people who are travelling from this state. The central government hasn’t received any pilot plan to date from Queensland. It has submitted a proposal for around thirty thousand foreign students to come back in clusters of 250 per day from July. The central government did not approve of this proposal and ordered NSW to review its downwards. Presently, the federal government is planning to grant work rights to foreign students who are required to remain abroad and study online due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Under the ACT, the University of Canberra, and ANU recommended flying 350 foreign students to Canberra to recommence their studies in July. A spokesman for ANU said, “We presently do not have any idea about the effect of the border closure of NSW-Victoria on the ACT. We are making arrangements to work for affected students. It will ensure that the students can successfully restart their studies.
The spokesman also said that the pilot will commence only with “strict testing at the time of pre-departure and post-arrival”. It will function under stringent seclusion, and arrival protocols. It has been observed that the ACT successfully manages foreign returns over the last few months”.
While the borders of Australia remain firmly closed to foreign visitors, the national government is forming strategies to make a distinguished exception as it fights to save its fourth chief export, i.e., education. Before the new semester commences, authorities are occupied making a plan to permit 350 foreign students to fly into the capital of Australia, i.e., Canberra to resume classes.
It will be rolled out as a trial program on a national level. The universities, as well as the territory government, will plan for their two-week essential quarantine in hotels. It shows the higher education sector of the nation is on overseas students, who occupy a quarter of all registrations. It is the second-highest ratio throughout the world after Luxembourg. It occupies around forty per cent of the total student proceeds due to the high fees they are charged.

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But the outstanding steps to assist the $38 billion valued export industry to recuperate from the COVOD-19 lockdown may not be sufficient to assure its long-term future. By opening fewer offshore campuses, Australia lags behind America, London, and France in the competitive market. With 37% of its foreign students at universities arriving from China in 2019, Australia serves as a caution to other countries of the risks of becoming too reliant on a single market.
A spokesperson of the Queensland government said international education is important for the economic recovery of the Queensland state. The state will make continued efforts with the national government to get the economy back to business very soon. Queensland has recently lifted its border ban and opened its borders to all states except Victoria. The commonwealth still arbitrates in legitimate contests against the border ban, that have been forwarded to the federal court.
Christian Porter, the attorney general, told that the commonwealth had mediated to provide “a view about whether the border closures are legally approved in specific situations and not others”. There is no doubt that the assistance of the court will be needed to consider whether restrictions at the border are proportional to the health emergency at specific times as the country dealt with the instant and long-term effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

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It is projected that the court would hear from the commonwealth on such kinds of important legal questions.

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