AVA20010 Aviation Legal Framework

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4013SPO - Exploring Sport and Exercise Science Assignment

Assignment 1: An individual essay,

1. Choose one of the following topics and write an essay.


  1. Discuss the opportunities as well as challenges for smaller/medium airports vv big airports in terms of managing security control and improving operational efficiency.
  2. Discuss the implications of airline alliance with respect to airline competition. You can use case studies/examples to support your argument.
  3. Discuss the challenges that airlines face in the Open Skies environment

2. Requirements:

Due date                                                 Week 13, 30th May, Monday
Required length                                    Up to 2500 words, excluding reference/bibliography
Percentage of final mark                     40% of your final score

Submission                                             Please submit your assignment via Turnitin on Blackboard.                                                                                                          Please submit a duly signed cover sheet.

About your writing                               1) Please make sure that you address the key issues that you have identified;
2) Please provide evidence of your argument and properly referenced;

3. Assessment:
3.1 Allocation of marks:

Items Percentage of Mark
Content, e.g. discussion and analysis per required 70%
Using visual-aid, e.g. charts, tables, graphs etc 10%
Language proficiency, e.g. eloquent and scholarly writing, no grammar mistakes 10 %
Proper references and/or bibliography 5%
Writing style/formatting of your essay 5%
Total 100

3.2 Marking criteria

Assignment 2, Individual: participation in online discussion

There will be some online discussion sessions throughout the semester. You are required to post your reflection of the topic in the folder of “Discussion Board” on Blackboard. This contributes to 20% of your final score.

Details are as follow:

By COB Friday, week 5, 8th April


Referring to Australian international timetable, choose one country-pair market and find out:

  • How many airlines are operating, including direct and indirect operation,
  • What is their capacity,
  • What is the frequency, load factor etc,

Blackboard post/contribution

Write a maximum of 300 words post, which is your reflection of the operation in the country-pair market of your chosen.

Details are as follow:

By COB Friday week 8, 29th April


Research on Melbourne airport security measures

Blackboard post/contribution

Write a maximum of 300 words post, which is your reflection on its operation, efficiency, and/or challenges to the airport.

Marking rubrics:

mark                                    Criteria
Pass, 50—59%                     * Basic research and summary  *little reflection

Credit, 60—69%                  In addition to the above,  *Able to identify a key issue   *Presenting a sound analysis

Distinction, 70—79%          In addition to the above,   *Able to discuss the issues identified critically                                                                                  *Presenting a sound argument

High Distinction
80 and above                       In addition to the above,  *Logical and convincing argument to show a deep,                                                                            thorough and original thinking of the subject matter,  *Eloquent academic writing style

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