BBM 331 E-Business Management

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Project Report (Part A)

Evaluation and provide recommendations for an e-Business web site

Format: Report Value: 70 marks (weighting 7% of final grade)

Due date: Week 11

Length: Approx. 2500 – 3000 words (excluding images)
The purpose of this project is to apply the theories, tools and techniques to a case study. Imagine that you have been engaged as a consultant to evaluate and provide recommendations to a SME business owner regarding setting up a transactional e-commerce facility on their website. You are to write a detailed report to the business owner with your recommendations based on the requirements below.

BBM 331 E-Business Management

ENEE14007 – Assignment 1

Project requirements: 

  1. Select a website of a suitable existing business that currently has no transactional e-business functionality i.e. an information-only site. Use this as the basis of your report. You should check with your lecturer that the site is suitable for this exercise either in person or via email.
  2. Describe briefly the website, the business and its business activities as best as you can judge from the website.
  3. Assess the current business and recommend and justify a revenue model the business could adopt.
  4. Identify and describe suitable e-business features and functionality that you are recommending be included on the site. This should be described in some detail with reference to the literature and the current website and justified in the context of the revenue model selected. Make sure you include the following:
    – Identify and recommend 3 features and/or functions
    – Explain how each feature/function will serve to benefit thee-business
  5. The report should include an executive summary.
  6. Explain what measures you will take to ensure that the website has an established and ongoing web presence – hosting, software and hardware, website name, etc.
  7. An e-business should incorporate e-mail marketing as part of their strategy. Explain what forms of email marketing you intend to use and the added benefit or value that it would bring to the business.
  8. All answers need to be justified drawing on relevant literature. At least 5 properly cited relevant references from books, journals or conferences must be included
  9. The reference section should use the Harvard style of referencing.

Project submission: 

All projects must be submitted on Moodle through the project submission link:
“Click here to submit your project (Part A)”online via Moodle as a MS Word doc. Projects submitted using any other method (e.g. via email) will NOT be assessed.


If you believe that your project will be delayed because of circumstances beyond your control such as illness, you should apply for an extension prior to the due date. All applications for extensions must be made via email to your lecturer. Medical certificates or other supporting documentation will be required.
Late projects submitted without an approved extension may be accepted (up to one week late) at the discretion of the lecturer, but will be penalised at the rate of 5% of total project marks per day (including weekends). Projects received later than one week after the due date will not normally be accepted.

Nursing – Structure and Dynamics of Organizational Systems


Please Note: 

  1. Your inability to manage your time or computing resources will not be accepted as a valid excuse.
    (Several projects falling due at the same time are a fact of university life.)
  2. Hardware failures, whether of personal or University equipment, are not normally recognised as valid excuses. Failure to back-up project files is also not recognised as a valid excuse.
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