BBMK504 Group Brand Management Strategy Report Guideline

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BBMK504 Group Brand Management Strategy Report Guideline

Two questions often arise in brand marketing:

•          What makes a brand strong?

•          How do you build a strong brand?

Part A – Group presentation (10%)

For Part A of this project, student teams of 2 will be allocated one brand. Each group is then required to prepare a presentation on 2 topics: Brand Resonance Model and Brand Elements.

BBMK504 Group Brand Management Strategy Report Guideline

Brand Resonance Model

  1. Analyse your brand based on the six (6) building blocks of the brand resonance model as discussed in Lecture 2.1. Refer to the journal ‘Building Customer-Based Brand Equity: A Blueprint for Creating Strong Brands” by Kevin Lane Keller posted in the “Assessment Folder” on Moddle to assist you.

Brand Elements

  1. Analyse your brand based on the seven (7) brand elements as discussed in Lecture 2.2.
  2. Assess the brand elements against the six (6) criteria’s for choosing brand elements.

The presentation will be held in Session 4.1, It comprises a 10min presentation (submit both a hardcopy and softcopy via email) summarizing the findings in a concise and graphically appealing way. This is your chance to highlight and enhance the collected information.

Part B – Group Written Report (20%)

Part B of the brand management strategy involves a written report of your presentation for your allocated brand.


The report is due Sunday of Week 4 The total word-limit for Part B is 1000 +/- 10% words per individual (excluding executive summary, cover page, references and appendices). Please include a cover page that states: Subject Code and Name, Student Number and Full Name.

Report Outline

  • Introduction (1%)
  • State the objectives of the report
  • Include relevant background for your brand
  • Include a scope of the report

2)       Critique of brand elements (8%)

  • Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your brand’s current brand element strategy based on the six criteria’s presented.

3)       Brand Resonance Model (8%)

  • Summarize the brands strength and weaknesses against each building block of the model,

4)       Conclusion (1%)

  • Restate the objective of your essay, or your research statement.
  • Summarize the key points of your report.

5)       References (2%)

·    Adhering to Harvard Referencing guidelines, include minimum 3 academic journals

Appendices (only for further information, not marked separately)

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