BECO001 – Diploma of Business Economics for Business

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BECO001 - Diploma of Business Economics for Business

Credit points : 6

Prerequisites : None

Co-requisites :

Subject Coordinator :

Lecturer : Harriet Scott, Maruf Mostafa

Tutor :

Deadline : Presentations will take place in your week 5 tutorial Individual responses submitted to Turnitin by 23 rd April

  • Work in a group of 3 or 4
  • Locate a recent (last 3 months) news story from an Australian news media source. Choose a news story that allows you to apply any of the following microeconomic concepts:
    o Law of demand and/or supply
    o Changes in demand and/or supply
    o Market structure
    o Elasticity
    o Externalities
    o Excise tax
    o Price ceilings/floors
    o Costs of production
    o Price, revenue and profit
  • Use your chosen news story to answer the four questions:

    1. What is the main issue presented in the news story?
    2. Who are the key stakeholders that are impacted by the issue?
    3. Explain the economic theories/concepts/diagrams that can be applied to this news story.
    4. Are there any other issues in the news story that you believe to be relevant?

  • Give a 6-8 minute group presentation on your article during your week 5 tutorial. Use the four questions to structure your presentation, and use visuals such as PowerPoint or Prezi
  • Submit your individually written responses to the four questions to Turnitin by the deadline
  • Write about 1000 words.

    Other Requirements

  • Submit a hard copy of your chosen news story to your tutor in week 5.
  • Submit a hard copy of your presentation slides to your tutor in week 5 (print 4 slides per page and include group member names)
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