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An essay is worth calling a good piece of writing when it has a great introduction, supporting body and a promising end. The conclusion part of an essay is an important section that should be perfect to make an impression. A writer tries hard to compile an essay that is appreciated by the reader.

Then, which is the most important part of the essay that needs to be worked hardest?

It is the conclusion of the essay that gets the highest attention from the teacher or the instructor who invigilates your essay. So, it is a good decision to work more to decorate your essay with an appropriate and impressive conclusion.

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What is an essay conclusion?

Essay conclusion means the last few paragraphs with a thoughtful end of an essay. This section must leave an impact on the reader like stirring him emotionally with a feeling of excitement or surprise etc. It takes the reader on the next level if executed nicely.

Although many essays can be worth reading, the one that has a unique and effective conclusion has the power to fetch you excellent grades. Writing such a conclusion is the hardest part of an essay. So, don’t be disappointed with your shortcomings and learn the balancing act.

Sometimes it is worth consulting your professors and teachers about their point of view about the direction of your essay. Teachers are experts who can guide you on every aspect of their respective subjects. They can even help you to revise your conclusion or any other part of the essay.

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If you are stuck, ask for their specific recommendation in that part. A trusted teacher or a trusted writing center can be your savior.  After consulting them, don’t forget to follow those instructions to frame a fantastic essay that concludes with finesse and save your precious time.

 Let us discuss 10 tips and tricks to make the conclusion of the essay impressive:

  1.   Correlate the conclusion with the introduction

The essay looks beautifully concluded when it has links to the phrases written in the beginning. Sometimes in the conclusion, there is a compilation of answers to the questions asked in the opening paragraph.

So, if you keep in mind the introduction, you can rephrase some words from the beginning statement. The end should highlight the main point that is introduced in the essay.

Thus, the conclusion is incomplete if it doesn’t connect to the opening paragraph.

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A good ending of an essay takes the reader again to the start of the essay. At last, the reader analyses how the essay connects the findings and facts to the conclusion. The reader enjoys it when there exists a correlation between the words in the beginning and the end.

  1.   Summarizing the key points

The conclusion of the essay should have summary points mentioned clearly. The facts stated in the essay must hold until the conclusion. This way the reader believes in the facts that are stated in the whole essay.

But despite plainly putting all the summary points, you can concretely add valuable information. It will enhance the value of the concluding paragraph. 

  1.   Highlighting the most crucial argument

The conclusive paragraph must include an argument, but remember to include all the statements related to that argument. The paragraph must be constructed with all the points used in the argument.

If the writer misses out on some points, it will be an incomplete discussion and it will leave the reader unconvinced with the ending. Thus to keep pace with the reader, you should not miss writing any significant information. Highlighting is a good opportunity to keep the reader curious. 

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  1.   Picking up the most important point from all the paragraphs

Many important topics are discussed in the essay and it is good to include them in the conclusion. But it makes a good impression only when one important idea is picked and stated.

If a small theme from your essay is picked to discuss in the concluding paragraph, it will be like finding a needle from the haystack and rewarding it too.

The conclusion is composed of a few paragraphs only. Hence, it is necessary to choose a significant and crucial topic and conclude the essay with it.  In return, it will give a big picture of the outlook of your essay. In simple words, the topic must be the heart of the essay. 

  1. 5.   Use of short sentences.

It is a good choice to use short sentences with 10-12 words each. Short sentences are to the point and effective in conveying the message. They easily explain the thoughts but also help the reader to assimilate the information in a better way.

Whereas, longer sentences are much complicated and sometimes the reader loses the track of words. So it is a wise decision to cut short long sentences that are difficult to read.  

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  1. 6.   Correct Use of punctuation

Proper punctuation marks in the whole essay make it a worth reading piece of work. The conclusive paragraph that consists of arguments and important ideas must have correct punctuation to improve the credibility and quality of the article. 

  1.   Plan your words beforehand

The conclusion part must be 10 per cent of the whole essay part. So, it has to be planned beforehand what is to be included in the conclusion.

Thus, be a good writer and frame a rough sketch of the conclusion in your mind. Read the essay repeatedly to help to attain a perfect pail of words to complete the ending of the essay. You can also jot down the points that can be mentioned in the end, that flood your mind while writing the body of the essay.   

  1. 8.   Add a thought-provoking quotation

A thought-provoking statement or quote is a good way to increase the curiosity of the reader.  It can evoke a vivid image in the conscience of the reader once he finishes the essay. So, end an essay with a popular quotation. It may be taken from a book or the internet.

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The more it is provocative, the more it will last in the minds of the reader. Also, a quote here and a quote there may make your essay a masterpiece.

  1. 9.   Use effective words

The language that is used in the conclusion should be effective and brief. Unnecessary use of words will spoil the ending of your essay. Lousy words reduce the essay quality.

Thus, choose the words wisely to describe your argument correctly.

  1. Keep it subtle

The ending of an essay is its USP. It should not be flawed in any manner. should be avoided to maintain the subtlety of the essay. Many celebrated writers and publishers avoid using such phrases because it makes the reader lose the charm of the essay. There should be a constant flow in the essay from starting to the end.

Concluding a good essay   

A good and elegant essay has a proper layout. It has to appeal to the reader. It can be accomplished by illustrating the main idea of your essay and keeping the end in sync with the body of the essay. If the aim of your essay is to change the mindset of the people, use the concluding paragraph as a tool.

It’s also important to know those factors that make the essay conclusion fall apart. So, after the do’s let us discuss some don’ts to avoid the conclusion of the essay look bad:

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  1. Not to repeat your introduction

Teachers don’t like the essays that have copied information in the introduction and the ending. It is not right to rewrite the phrases from the introduction in the conclusion part. It will just eat up your grades. So, avoid making this mistake and don’t rewrite and copy any part directly in your essay anywhere.

  1.               Do not rewrite the thesis statement

Avoid writing the thesis statement in the concluding part of the essay. It is a good option to rewrite the statement in new words.

  1.               Don’t add new content

It is advisable not to introduce new information in the conclusion part that is not included in the body. Be careful not to add a new subtopic in the conclusion of the essay as it may confuse the reader.

It may have a negative impact on your essay. It is perfect to simply repeat and reflect something that is already there in the essay.

  1.               Do not end the essay with a question

Don’t hang the reader in the middle of some unfinished thoughts in a closing statement. If those thoughts are questions that are unanswered, the reader will be unsatisfied with the write-up.

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It means that you fail as a writer. It implies that you have not done proper research on your topic and want to fill in the blanks with someone else’s answers.  Also, the reader is a free-spirited soul who will interpret your concluding question in a positive or a negative way. 

It’s good to include some answers to the questions that were put up in earlier paragraphs. 

  1.               Do not conclude the essay in first person account

Refrain from writing the conclusion in the first person as mentioning personal opinion may be offensive sometimes. The essay is a generalized piece of write-up. So, it is imperative to write it in a general way and address the people in the same way.

  1.               Don’t apologize for your views

If you are writing apology sentences for expressing your personal view, try not to mention those views in the essay. Ending the essay with an apology for expressing yourself is absurd. 

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  1.               Don’t use casual words

Avoid informal words in an essay and its conclusion. Use of casual terminology like “hey buddy” or “dear” does not look appropriate. It is better to use formal language that doesn’t offend anybody.


The conclusion has the final words of your essay. It is an opportunity to make a good impression on the reader. So, to convince your reader 100 per cent to adhere to your points and make them believe each word that you have written, work hard to prove your point.

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A good ending ties the whole essay together. It is the soul of the essay and worthy of getting an A+ grade from your invigilator. Write an interesting final paragraph from the elements taught here. The practice is the key and hard work lets you wrap things finely. Get your essays and assignments perfectly written at

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