BHO0002 Employment Relations and Technology

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BHO0002 Employment Relations Assignment – Employment Relations and Technology

BHO0002 Employment Relations and Technology

The Assignment Question

“Developments in technology are changing the way we work, meaning we need to find new ways of managing the employment relationship”. Do you agree?

Critically evaluate this statement and use academic research and theory, case studies and current affairs to support your position. You must critically evaluate at least three different technological changes. Your answer must consider how the changes impact the different key actors in the employment relationship.

Control Mechanism, Ethics, Police Officer Federal Liability and Impact of Community Policing Ideology

Word count and deadline

The Assignment word count is 3000 words and counts for 50% of the overall mark for the module.

Business Ethics

Assessment – The assignment will be tutor assessed as follows:

  • Researched and referenced material
  • Critical evaluation of methods
  • Best practice and innovation
  • Presentation and Structure

Event Evaluation

Guidance on assessment criteria


  A B C D R F Comments and Advice
Researched and referenced material             Your answer should demonstrate understanding and knowledge of theories and concepts of Employment Relations. Evidence of research outside the lecture content and broader reading outside the core module text in both academic books, journals, current affairs, and contemporary organisations.
Critical evaluation of technological changes             You should evaluate at least three technological changes with clear discussion and appreciation of the impacts of different organisational contexts and on the different players in the employment relationship.
Best practice and innovation             You should provide evidence of research and examples of organisations that are famous for good and innovative practices in relation to maintaining good employment relations in the face of technological changes.
Presentation and Structure             Your work should be presented in the format of an academic essay, with clear layout and logical structure. You need to ensure you answer the question asked. Correct spelling, grammar and referencing must be evident. 

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 7

BHO0217 Global Management in Context


A 90-100



I A comprehensive piece of work, well evidenced and supported with accurate referencing throughout. All content is relevant and all aspects of the question are addressed
A 80-89 I A high quality piece of work though one or two additional considerations could potentially be enhanced to strengthen the answer. Accurate referencing and a substantial body of evidence used to support the answer.
A 70-79 I An excellent answer, well evidenced and referenced. One or two minor areas may have been omitted though this does not detract from the overall quality of the argument.

B   B-

67 – 69

Above Average

II(i) A good answer that displays a good familiarity with the available literature. Comprehension of all the issues involved and contains evidence of independent criticism and analysis. Free from errors and all relevant points discussed.



57 – 59

54 – 56

50 – 53


II(ii) A middle range answer that shows familiarity with the available literature. Comprehension of all the issues involved and contains evidence of independent criticism and analysis. Free from errors and all relevant points discussed.



47 – 49

44 – 46

40 – 43


III A poor answer which, whilst demonstrating an understanding of the basic issues involved (and hence deserves a pass) is deficient in terms of material covered, level of comprehension etc. Insufficiently researched and, perhaps, major errors and omissions.
R 37 – 39

34 – 36

30 – 33


A refer answer, which demonstrates a lack of depth in terms of comprehension and knowledge of the subject matter.
F 20-29


Little or no understanding of the subject matter and, probably, a minimum degree of effort.
F 10-19     Fail Minimal relevant content within the answer and complete lack of evidence to support. The work is poorly presented
F 0-9         Fail Virtually no relevant content and inadequate presentation. This grade could be given due to non-submission.


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