BHO0217 Global Management in Context

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COURSEWORK 2017/ 2018COURSEWORK 2017/ 2018
Module Title: Global Management in Context

Module No: BHO0217

BHO0217 Global Management in Context

Coursework Requirement:

GMiC Assignment 1 – Constructing the Global Manager in Context from Grounded Research


This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:

BHO0217 Global Management in Context

  1. Understand the complexity surrounding the notion of global management and being a global manager.2. Critically appreciate the nature of change that is re-shaping the role of being a manager in global contexts.3. Understand the possibilities and new opportunities that a widening global perspective affords the manager, both for their organisation and their own capabilities. 4. Critically articulate the nature of global management, its nuances and paradoxes, as well as its opportunities.
  2. The Global Manager is an emergent concept drawing on a broad-range of competing notions. Using your Grounded Theory research, and supported by the Formative Assessment ‘Manifesto’ framework, and Plato’s Café dialogue, develop a coherent and argued assertion of the key concerns that your Global Manager must be aware of over the next 10-15 years.2. Highlight the complexity surrounding the discussion of global management and being a global manager. 3. Also address the nature of change in the current season and how this might affect the ideas within ‘being a global manager’.4. Offer some broad recommendations on what the ‘global manager’ might need to be mindful of. These should take the form only of appropriate questions for the mid and long-term rather than hard or didactic actions for the short-term.5. Where you can identify complexity and paradox about the future context for ‘global management’ e.g. changes in the nature of long-term value, these should be included.

EDU20004: Understanding and Supporting Behaviour

Your answer should be in an assignment format.

Tutor referral will apply to this assessment component.  Tutor – referred work must be resubmitted one week after notification.

The work will be assessed in three areas:

Thematic connections: The work will clearly demonstrate the building of a coherent argument drawn from the semi-structured content from Plato’s Café engagement and Grounded Theory research. Description should be avoided, instead critical evaluation of the ‘key concerns’ that relate to the notion of a ‘global manager’ and her/his context is preferred.

MRKT20052 Marketing for managers

Evidenced argumentation: Assignments will give strong argued reasoning for the points raised. They will demonstrate wider reading and cite examples from the Plato’s Café engagement and Grounded Theory in support. A wide variety of academic materials is recommended including textbooks, journal articles and reliable websites all of which should be accurately referenced. Indicative reading lists are available in the handbook but original, relevant research will be recognised.

Structured insights: There will be an appropriate level of coherency within arguments where the semi-structured ideas have been brought together to offer key concerns. Appropriate assignment format. Please make an appointment with the Academic Skills Tutors for any additional help needed with assignment writing and referencing.


Pay close attention to the Assessment and Grading Criteria at the end of this document. These criteria will be used to provide feedback on your marked assignment.


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