BHS0012 and BIS00003: Environmental Policy

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EB3803/BI3001 – Assessment One - Individual Report Samples

Assignment 2

The focus of this assignment is a critical evaluation of Environmental Policy Related Topics. Please select ONE of the following questions and write a critical essay of 2,500 words. This assignment is worth 70% of the final module mark.

1. Critically assess and evaluate environmental pollution (air, land, water, or any other form of environmental pollution) and the problems this presents for sustainable development.
2. Critically explore and evaluate the tension between economy and environment in relation toone of the following: International Environmental Agreements (MENs); Dead Zones; Desertification.
3. Critically assess the application of the precautionary principle in relation to one of the following: DDT; GMO food; Biodiversity Management.
4. In a business sector/industry of your choice (i.e. food and agriculture), critically evaluate how the application of circular economic principles eliminates waste.
5. Explore and critically evaluate the benefits of renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure or vertical farming for sustainable development.

Specific Guidelines

The assignment should be written in an essay format and should contain the following:

  • Introduction
  • Critical review of literature/ topic (see below, reference list).
  • Critical analysis and discussion – you must examine the topic critically by identifying either an argument for, or against it, or by analysing diverse aspects of the topic.
  • Conclusion
  • A reference list (a minimum of 10 references should be used – ranging from journal articles, text books, press articles and online materials).


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